Definition of water bear in English:

water bear


  • A minute animal with a short plump body and four pairs of stubby legs, living in water or in the film of water on plants such as mosses.

    Phylum Tardigrada

    • ‘Some of these we're quite familiar with, like squid, lobsters, corals, and jellyfish, but there's a whole universe of lesser-known invertebrates out there, like tardigrades or ‘water bears,’ chitons, and flatworms.’
    • ‘Strangely enough, water bears are at the same time among the most unknown and the most fascinating creatures on earth.’
    • ‘Hiking under the massive Sitka spruce, hemlocks, and Douglas firs on the Quinault Loop Trail, eight of us learned about water bears - microscopic moss-eating creatures that can hibernate as desiccated flakes for decades.’