Definition of water bag in English:

water bag


  • A bag made of leather, canvas, or other material, used for carrying water.

    • ‘Currently, bulk water distribution is limited to 3,000-gallon water bags hauled on trailers.’
    • ‘He handed her a water bag mechanically and she took a long drink.’
    • ‘Starting to feel desperate, she opened the water bag and drank heavily as her pace quickened.’
    • ‘In James Clavel's novel, Taiwan, there is a passage where the Chinese sailors use tea in their water bags because they found that it prevented dysentery.’
    • ‘After only a week she throws the burlap water bag over her shoulder and walks to the river to turn the trout back into the Little Bighorn.’
    • ‘I did get to use this system a few times (when Louie wasn't looking), and the bladder really is quite an improvement over other water bags…’
    • ‘On the dry plains, prepared skins were sewn and sealed to make water bags.’
    • ‘Skye opened the water bags and held them upside down.’
    • ‘With that, he grabs the canteens and water bags and goes back to the fire.’
    • ‘She was right on the food, but no water bags were given.’
    • ‘Filling her basket with food, sweets, and a water bag, she left her house early that morning.’
    • ‘These animals provided more than sufficient leather for the shoes, water bags and straps needed by villagers.’
    • ‘If you grab the tube before you put the jacket on, and feed it into your face mask you will be able to access the water bag build into the fabric of the jacket.’