Definition of water-tube boiler in English:

water-tube boiler


  • A form of boiler in which steam is generated by circulating water through tubes exposed to the source of heat (as opposed to the more usual arrangement in which tubes carry hot gases through the water).

    • ‘Between the tanks, the two Babcock water-tube boilers are rectangular in section and mounted across the ship.’
    • ‘In addition, Blackburn and his employees rebuilt both of the university's 60,000-pound, water-tube boilers and added economizers to them.’
    • ‘The estimated weight (not including the burner) for a state-of-the-art lightweight high efficiency water-tube boiler capable of boiling 500 kg of water per hour at atmospheric pressure is 40 kg.’
    • ‘A new form of marine boiler, which is attracting much attention just now, is the Yarrow water-tube boiler.’
    • ‘The present invention relates to a water-tube boiler and a heating installation equipped with such a boiler.’
    • ‘This is one of the two Type 29 locos that were fitted with a Brotan water-tube boiler in 1908.’
    • ‘Late in the life of his business he devised a type of water-tube boiler, which was not favoured by customers due to the difficulty of carrying out repairs; he stuck to it, and it was partly responsible for the demise of his business.’
    • ‘In addition, a water-tube boiler requires some years of practical service before it can be classed as out of the experimental stage.’
    • ‘More common today are water-tube boilers, in which water runs through a rack of tubes that are positioned in the hot gases from the fire.’
    • ‘A further development of the water-tube boiler is the bent tube or Stirling boiler shown in Figure 3.3.7.’
    • ‘Fitting a water-tube boiler into the restrictive British loading gauge was proving a problem.’
    • ‘Made of off the shelf components, including Honeywell controls and Grundfos pumps, and North American steel, Miura water-tube boilers were chosen to replace Glenwood's steam boilers.’