Definition of water-powered in English:



  • See water power

    • ‘During the 1850s it replaced earlier machines in most water-powered factories.’
    • ‘The production of textiles, which changed so dramatically later in the nineteenth century with the advent of fully integrated water-powered mills, also required intimate knowledge and direct use of nature.’
    • ‘One illustrates an upper-level millstone powered by a lower-level horizontal waterwheel; the other describes a water-powered reciprocator working a flour sifter to the right of the central flour mill.’
    • ‘By 1840, a locally financed firm of British machinists adopted water-powered machines, to make woolen and merino shirts and drawers like those of their native Leicester.’
    • ‘Some of the old water-powered mills along New England's rivers, where generations of workers toiled for paltry wages, have been turned into upscale restaurants and shops.’