Definition of wastepaper basket in English:

wastepaper basket


  • A receptacle for small quantities of rubbish.

    • ‘I tossed the first two chapters in the wastepaper basket at four o'clock this morning and shall probably do so again tomorrow.’
    • ‘I picked up the pile of pamphlets and dumped them in the wastepaper basket.’
    • ‘A woman called Lola arrived at HQ with some denunciations which went into the wastepaper basket as soon as her back was turned.’
    • ‘He laid his car keys down on the table and was about to throw the junk mail in the wastepaper basket under the table when he noticed it was full.’
    • ‘Archie bounded over and sat on the edge of my desk, knocking my keyboard into the wastepaper basket.’
    • ‘He then rolled the paper wrapping into a ball and casually flipped it into the wastepaper basket.’
    • ‘If the pamphlet is directed at a non-Irish audience I very much doubt if it will get farther than their wastepaper baskets.’
    • ‘As Erica watches the film, she reaches into a wastepaper basket and pulls from it the tissues used by a previous occupant.’
    • ‘Tomorrow, we will have to consign other laws to the wastepaper basket.’
    • ‘I have now remade the bed, emptied all the wastepaper baskets and hoovered upstairs.’
    • ‘Raoul was not amused to find me flicking my chewing gum into a priceless installation piece I assumed was a wastepaper basket.’
    • ‘I think they'll take one look at this and toss it in the wastepaper basket.’
    • ‘All they need is money for pencils, paper and wastepaper baskets.’
    • ‘In addition to cleaning the offices, the job entailed sifting through the wastepaper baskets and any unlocked cupboards attempting to find any trace of more than a hundred lost files.’


wastepaper basket