Definition of wastefulness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈweɪstfʊlnəs//ˈweɪstf(ə)lnəs/


  • See wasteful

    • ‘But if all this is true, why has consumer credit had to battle so hard and so long against a shameful stigma of wastefulness and wrongdoing to achieve a moral and economic legitimacy?’
    • ‘This single line from the 1967 film The Graduate came to signify a generation's contempt for insincerity, conformity, and wastefulness.’
    • ‘Councillors must ensure that the same old incompetence wastefulness and inefficiencies are not allowed to continue.’
    • ‘It is this wastefulness, or lack of ruthlessness that will cost England matches.’
    • ‘Bodybuilding is an endeavor that requires time and energy, and that means less time to succumb to the wastefulness of hours of mindless video games or television, as well as vices such as drinking and drug use.’