Definition of wasteful in English:



  • (of a person, action, or process) using or expending something of value carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose:

    ‘wasteful energy consumption’
    • ‘Local authority chiefs are insistent that the characterisation of councils as wasteful bureaucracies is wrong.’
    • ‘We are finding that they are disappearing fast because of careless, wasteful use of outdoor light.’
    • ‘I put this down to us eating a relatively healthy diet and not convenience foods which come with too much wasteful packaging.’
    • ‘When the cost of living increases, everybody will cut wasteful expenditure.’
    • ‘This is a wasteful process causing a net loss of nitrogen to the animal and pollution of the environment.’
    • ‘So while the war will probably be wasteful, I doubt it will have much effect one way or the other.’
    • ‘Similar examples of irrational and wasteful uses of water can be found elsewhere.’
    • ‘The State is the absolute worst mechanism for this purpose because it is so wasteful and inefficient.’
    • ‘I had not realised before what an wasteful source of power it is.’
    • ‘North Americans are too wasteful, and too ready to turn a blind eye to it.’
    • ‘The stuff about them being more dangerous and needlessly wasteful is true, but that's just extra ammunition.’
    • ‘She has a lot of lavish, wasteful spending in her budget in particular, and I'd like to cut that.’
    • ‘This saves the society from wasteful investment and ensures efficient use of scarce resources.’
    • ‘Not to do so would be wasteful, an offence against Scottish thrift and against her tireless spirit.’
    • ‘It's a very wasteful process, almost entirely due to the fine mesh of the nets.’
    • ‘They have also dismissed the borough's 30th anniversary event as wasteful.’
    • ‘Other items of wasteful consumption include unused gym subscriptions and sports equipment.’
    • ‘As energy prices soar, it will seem ludicrously wasteful to cart goods halfway round the world.’
    • ‘Simply put: it's wasteful and irresponsible to squander our precious resources on a luxury item like meat.’
    • ‘Restoring the dividend tax credit would be a better use of public money than much of the government's wasteful spending.’
    prodigal, profligate, uneconomical, extravagant, lavish, excessive, careless, imprudent, improvident, reckless
    thriftless, spendthrift, squandering
    needless, useless, not needed, squandered
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