Definition of wasted in English:



  • 1Used or expended carelessly or to no purpose.

    ‘wasted fuel’
    ‘a wasted opportunity’
    • ‘The result, however, is slower overall performance and wasted resources.’
    • ‘Misinterpretation of the differences between assessment and instruction could result in wasted instructional time.’
    • ‘I feel we've had five years of wasted opportunity.’
    • ‘There is scarcely a wasted moment or line in the film.’
    • ‘This would allow more time for preparation for the announcement of exam results and avoid wasted time at the end of the summer term.’
    • ‘This scheme results in a large amount of wasted light, which of course simply goes to further obscure the most majestic of all night time attractions, the star studded sky itself.’
    • ‘Poor direction has resulted in a wasted and seemingly indifferent cast.’
    • ‘It will result in inappropriate and wasted research funds, time, and effort, and may influence dangerous interventions.’
    • ‘However, this method results in redundancy and wasted resources.’
    • ‘I'd heard of the building, and sighed when I saw the pictures, but you really have to see it to see what a wasted opportunity it is.’
    • ‘It wasn't the hours of toil, sweat and petrol clearing the footpath which concerned me, but the wasted wheat.’
    • ‘And yet how can one not regret wasted time, missed opportunities, failure, as well as happiness of a kind that one can never know again?’
    • ‘But not everybody was so supportive of yesterday's paper, with of the groups representing senior police officers dismissing it as a wasted opportunity.’
    • ‘The story is largely a wasted opportunity to elicit clarifications of ambiguities and contradictions.’
    • ‘A commodious dock box can be one of the most effective ways to reduce wasted fuel by giving you a place to store unneeded gear.’
    • ‘Consequently, any unused capacity cannot be used by any other service and results in idle, wasted resources.’
    • ‘Each one will waste huge amounts of money moving this stupid mass of sheet metal around, paying for completely wasted fuel.’
    • ‘They are the boring, pointless, uninteresting gobs of wasted film dedicated to showcasing whatever idiotic local events took place that day.’
    • ‘Uninterpretable levels can result in large amounts of wasted laboratory resources.’
    • ‘On the other hand, I wonder if we won't regret the ridiculous amount of wasted trees and oil we pour into pointless packaging.’
    squandered, misspent, misdirected, misused, dissipated, frittered away
    missed, lost, past, forfeited, neglected, squandered, bungled, gone, gone by the board
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    1. 1.1 (of an action) not producing the desired result.
      ‘I'm sorry you've had a wasted journey’
      • ‘With so many wasted votes, election results are badly distorted.’
      • ‘But while every other match was called off early in the day, or even on Friday, Peebles were left to count the cost of a wasted journey.’
      • ‘But the Munster backroom boys don't believe it was a wasted journey.’
      • ‘On the course it was just a pleasure to tee off after a wasted journey on a road I do not like driving on.’
      • ‘The day passed without success, I had been turned down by many pros and it all felt like a wasted journey.’
      • ‘Voting for him because he opposes abortion is a wasted vote.’
      • ‘So that was a wasted journey and I had to return back to work an unhappy bunny.’
      • ‘And, for a while, I thought I might have had a wasted journey.’
      • ‘York City Ladies had a wasted journey last weekend when their game at North Ferriby was called off 20 minutes before kick-off.’
      • ‘I rang them the day before to see if i could have a telephone interview, they refused and said it wouldn't be a wasted journey as there were lots of things happening.’
      • ‘A few will think it a wasted vote, and there are other people to pick on.’
      • ‘Although an ambulance wasn't sent to all the callers, paramedics still had 73,007 wasted journeys.’
      • ‘I know people hate this sentiment, but it is a completely wasted vote.’
      • ‘But multiply 2,000 wasted emails times a million people and you see the magnitude of the problem.’
      • ‘Fed up with a wasted journey, I decided to treat myself to a cream tea at the cafe next door, to no avail.’
      • ‘Bessbrook United had a wasted journey to West Belfast when the referee deemed the pitch to be unplayable.’
      • ‘Unfortunately both were closed and after a wasted journey up a hill at least as steep as the steps to our room to be greeted by locked gates my partner, Karen, and I were in no mood for anymore unnecessary exertions.’
      • ‘He began thinking of the huge travelling contingent from the Highlands sitting above in the stand and wondering if they'd had a wasted journey.’
      • ‘Since then, many wasted costs orders have been made as a result of the negligent conduct of legal proceedings.’
      futile, vain, in vain, to no avail, to no effect, idle
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  • 2(of a person or a part of the body) weak or emaciated.

    ‘her wasted arm’
    • ‘She spent all her hours in a deep slumber, her hands tied to the bed so that she could not disturb the tubes that connected her wasted body to life.’
    • ‘The madness was screaming in my ears, and I could feel my wasted body trying to force laughter, but failing and just giving out wheezing coughs.’
    • ‘I felt my life slowly escape my poor, frail and wasted body and I was miserable.’
    • ‘A young person of undeterminable gender propped themselves up against the bar whilst trying to inject something into a wasted arm with a trembling hand.’
    • ‘From her wasted and emaciated appearance, we may fairly infer, she also fell a martyr to this destructive and poisonous liquid.’
    • ‘He pulled, the wasted muscles in his arms straining - the boy's renewed determination was all that carried him as he forced himself to his feet.’
    • ‘As a result he suffered head fractures, a wasted hand, an injured spine and damage to his kidneys.’
    • ‘A wasted baby, apparently the youngest child, moaned in a corner of the room.’
    • ‘The ripe, red, pulpy flesh of the melons stands in with sickening authenticity for the wasted tissue of the bodies of the wounded men.’
    • ‘Bardem's performance is astonishing, not so much in his ability to mimic a wasted body, but by capturing the essence of a lively intelligence.’
    • ‘The end was sad, the wasted figure in a wheelchair being lifted into a helicopter sketching a parody of the brave gestures of old.’
    • ‘A wasted muscle will be weak, and if separation from the motor nerve is complete, so will be the paralysis.’
    • ‘A screen behind Hansen's back flashed and then an image of a very thin, wasted body appeared.’
    • ‘As I look at my flabby body and my wasted muscles it is truly amazing that it managed to run 26.2 miles just 52 weeks ago.’
    • ‘The second is the silent tears in the eyes of the parents as they watch their limp and wasted children.’
    emaciated, atrophied, withered, shrivelled, weak, weakened, frail, shrunken, skeletal, rickety, scrawny, cadaverous, wilted, faded, flagging, deteriorating, degenerative
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  • 3informal Under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

    ‘he looked kind of wasted’
    • ‘When I stand up the room tips a little as if I'm wasted, and my stomach is currently turning somersaults.’
    • ‘Matthew was too wasted to know Jay's signal to the bartender.’
    • ‘You know, some people get totally wasted, and last year there was an accident when somebody fell off a float.’
    • ‘Drinking is one thing, getting so wasted you can hardly speak is another.’
    • ‘So you throw a party, at which numerous people are too wasted to stand.’
    • ‘There will be one or two people who get totally wasted.’
    • ‘Quickly, Ally rolled over and put her back to the door, deciding to pretend that she was asleep because there was absolutely no way that she was going to talk to him when he was wasted.’
    • ‘My roommate took me to a bar called The Buffalo, and we got just wasted…’
    • ‘Jeff was pretty wasted from many shots of tequila.’
    • ‘Usually she was wasted, slurring her words, and my mother would come out and tell her she needed to leave.’
    • ‘An equally wasted Kathy was on the floor, her face showing serenity while sleeping.’
    • ‘Jason grinned and went up to the bar to get them enough alcohol to get them completely wasted.’
    • ‘More times than not, he would get so drunk or wasted that he would pass out, and no one would be able to wake him up.’
    • ‘We got really wasted and it ended up this guacamole was imported so at the end of the night we got a bill for, like, $200 just for guacamole.’
    • ‘Well, it was kind of weird, we were all alone in a bedroom and he was totally wasted.’
    • ‘She started going out every night, and when she back home in the early hours of the morning she was always wasted.’
    • ‘The guy keeps offering me beer, and you know I'm wasted, so I don't know what I'm doing.’
    • ‘She was completely wasted, and just got rejected by two guys.’
    • ‘She swigs a third and realizes she is too wasted to think about her thudding head.’
    • ‘Ellington was beating everyone up, as he always does when he's wasted.’
    drunk, drunken, inebriated, intoxicated, befuddled, incapable, tipsy, the worse for drink, under the influence, maudlin
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