Definition of waste words in English:

waste words


  • 1Talk in vain.

    ‘I take it that all my well-chosen words have been entirely wasted’
    • ‘It is refreshing to listen to someone who never wastes words.’
    • ‘Doyle wasn't a man of many words, and I'd never seen any point in wasting words, so we didn't talk until the bell rang.’
    • ‘Can I asked what happened or would I just be wasting words?’
    • ‘He wished he could say it back but he wasn't one to waste words and he didn't feel love for her just yet, although he cared for her more as the days rolled by.’
  • 2Talk or write at length.

    ‘he wastes no words, though details are terribly important to him’
    • ‘Why waste words when simple action will serve just as nicely.’
    • ‘He didn't often waste words when he spoke and his talks were always simple, yet highly motivating, as I imagine were his team talks.’
    • ‘No need to waste words here: Not everyone in the gulag was a ‘prisoner of conscience ‘…’
    • ‘The lass did not waste words coming straight to the point.’