Definition of wasp beetle in English:

wasp beetle


  • A black and yellow longhorn beetle that mimics the appearance and behaviour of a wasp.

    Clytus arietis, family Cerambycidae

    • ‘We also identified eight different species of ladybird, each with a different colour and number of spots; barn owl and tawny owl; kingfisher; and a wasp beetle.’
    • ‘The larvae of the wasp beetle live in dead wood, usually of willow or birch.’
    • ‘Other beetles that mimic wasps are the tiny wasp beetles of the genus Clytus that have black wing cases decorated with hairy white or yellow stripes.’
    • ‘In the past, I have been amazed to find hornet's nests and spectacular wasp beetles.’
    • ‘The wasp beetle is harmless and is common in Britain and most of Europe.’