Definition of washstand in English:



  • A piece of furniture formerly used to hold a jug, bowl, or basin for the purpose of washing one's hands and face.

    • ‘At the same time, the washstand, with its bowl and pitcher, jumped forward and turned over.’
    • ‘The room was pretty much laid out as her own one was - four beds, four chests, four desks and chairs, and a washstand at the far end.’
    • ‘It comes complete with a tiny wicker basket full of fruit, a dressing table and a washstand and towel rail.’
    • ‘The saddlebags had been brought from the stables and rested on a wooden bench near the washstand, already patterned with chips of whitewash flaking from the walls.’
    • ‘The room she was in was small to say the least, with a bed, a washstand, a chair and table, and a solitary trunk against the wall.’