Definition of washland in English:



mass noun
  • Land that is periodically flooded by a river or stream.

    • ‘‘I have got information from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister that states quite clearly that houses should not be built on flood plains and washland,’ she said.’
    • ‘The Government and the Environment Agency are now looking at other more traditional solutions to the threat of flooding, such as introducing washland and wetland to contain water.’
    • ‘Other options include maintaining the site as a washland to store water during flooding, which it does at the moment, or creating a wetland in partnership with other organisations to encourage more ecology.’
    • ‘He claimed that part of the land on which 500 new homes are to be built was also washland.’
    • ‘The wall at Pinfold Cottage will be repaired and a short section of new embankment is also proposed next to the washland.’