Definition of washing in English:



  • 1[mass noun] The action of washing oneself or laundering clothes, bed linen, etc.

    ‘her arms were red to the elbow from doing other people's washing’
    ‘avoid over-enthusiastic washing’
    • ‘Face and hand washing was more common but knowledge of hygiene was non-existent.’
    • ‘Any towels used to dry the affected eye after washing should not come into contact with the other eye or be used by other people.’
    • ‘Yet this is an invaluable tool in a household where the washing and drying of clothes is a daily task.’
    • ‘Regular washing however weakens the skin thus making it easier for the bacteria to invade and cause damage.’
    • ‘Fabrics made with the coating withstand repeated washing with water and are therefore reusable.’
    • ‘And it is durable, looking the same after repeated washings.’
    • ‘Apart from immunisation, hand washing is seen as the best way to halt the spread of infections.’
    • ‘Toilet paper is a rarity and soap and water for washing is generally notable by its absence.’
    • ‘Up until the late eighteenth century, washing was usually restricted to the hands and the face.’
    • ‘Frequent hand washing is important in avoiding the spread of flu and cold viruses.’
    • ‘Thorough hand washing is the single most effective measure to prevent spread of infection.’
    • ‘Therefore, hot-water washing of bed linens, towels, and recently worn clothing is all you have to do.’
    • ‘The best thing about them is that they'll maintain their form, even after repeat washings.’
    • ‘On that basis, we might as well all give up washing and go around smelling like badgers, and nearly as hairy, too.’
    • ‘Frequent routine cleansing of the skin and daily washing of work clothes are necessary.’
    • ‘Most surgical operation sites simply need to be kept clean by daily washing with cool water.’
    • ‘Daily gentle washing with soap, detergent, or alcohol is effective.’
    washing, cleansing, bathing, showering, scrubbing, purification
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    1. 1.1A quantity of clothes, bed linen, etc. that is to be washed or has just been washed.
      ‘she took her washing around to the launderette’
      • ‘We doubt though that people will still be hanging out their washing across the back streets.’
      • ‘Myra had learned to only hang out the washing if the wind was blowing from the direction of the common.’
      • ‘We would also help to hang out the washing on the clothes line and then lift it with a wooden prop.’
      • ‘When he started to neatly fold his washing, the large and angry crowd was bristling.’
      • ‘Chores could include emptying bins, hanging up washing or setting the table.’
      • ‘Everyone takes a share in clearing away the meal, doing the dishes and folding the washing.’
      • ‘There's another load of washing about to finish, and the dishes to be washed.’
      • ‘I only need someone to hang my washing on the line.’
      • ‘I was the one who helped her clean her house, deal with bills and sort through her washing.’
      • ‘I made notes and muttered the new words as I watered the garden and hung washing on the line.’
      • ‘Still, they already think we're a little odd because the man of the house hangs washing on the line.’
      • ‘Do not store up all your washing and take it home to your mum at the end of term.’
      • ‘As Sarah sat folding her washing, she remembered the terror and sadness she had felt that day.’
      • ‘That's right its a laundrette which emails you when your washing is done so you can go and get it.’
      • ‘I went and hung out a load of washing in the time it took to log on and get into my site.’
      • ‘An assortment of leather sheaths hang like washing on a line in a mocked-up Saxon trader's stall.’
      • ‘I was no exception, and I gathered up the washing and made my way down to the laundry.’
      • ‘Now I go to get my washing in and spiders have built webs between the straps of my bras.’
      • ‘People would be picking bits off their washing on the line wondering what it was.’
      • ‘In the house she puts the washing in the machine and takes it out again.’