Definition of washerman in English:



  • (especially in South Asia) a man whose occupation is washing clothes.

    • ‘The man in green calls himself ‘Gori’ and says he is forced to sit at home and work as a washerman.’
    • ‘When the city was built, there were clearly demarcated areas for doctors, gardeners, washermen and barbers called Baidwara, Maliwara, Dhobiwara and Naiwara respectively.’
    • ‘To think that the offices of a big film company had given way to a sooty kitchen with coal stoves, that washermen did the laundry where the beautiful people had once gathered.’
    • ‘We had this one washerman when I was girl who would constantly steal my knickers.’
    • ‘This kind of ethnic specialization by particular groups of workers - other examples include Zulu washermen and rickshaw-pullers - was not unusual nor did it preclude organization.’
    • ‘Similarly washing machines have made washermen without jobs.’
    • ‘Apart from cooks and numerous assistants there were tailors, washermen, attendants to fan their masters, others to keep away fires, and entire hierarchies of housemaids.’
    • ‘He is the son of a washerman from Hyderabad and working in Maad area for the past 20 years.’
    • ‘By the last quarter of the nineteenth century the majority of the once-prosperous artisans and craftsmen were reduced to the ranks of lowliest laborers - the barbers and washermen, the servants and scavengers.’
    • ‘Other castes include washermen, metalworkers, and drummers.’
    • ‘A washerman from Dvarka, a water-carrier from Jagannath puri, and a barber from Bidar responded one after another and advanced to offer their heads.’
    • ‘The washermen used to dig burrows effortlessly at Vannandurai at Besant Nagar for water.’
    • ‘Although the Council made attempts to improve the quality of the service provided by native washermen, the laundrymen did not change much in the washing process.’
    • ‘Among these twenty-five riddle-stories is The Heads That Got Switched, which describes how a washerman, Dhavala, falls in love with Madanasundari, the beautiful daughter of another washerman, and marries her.’