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  • 1usually with modifier A person or device that washes something.

    ‘a glass washer’
    • ‘Also included were employees who had atypical or nontraditional jobs, such as glassware washers, computer programmers, and couriers.’
    • ‘Duncan and his entourage were perched on a hanging scaffold, like window washers.’
    • ‘The police often chase the young window washers away from their junction, but after a while they return.’
    • ‘A difference of three feet one way or another may not seem like much when you're deciding where to position a glass washer, but it can add up to hundreds or even thousands of extra steps for bartenders a week.’
    • ‘I think that leaf blowers, and power washers, and electric/gas powered lawn mowers create more problems than they solve.’
    • ‘Other options available include heated front seats, electronic climate control and high pressure headlight washers.’
    • ‘Some naive ones, recruited by hair salons along dim streets in backward neighborhood of the city, soon realize that they cannot make easy money by merely working as hair washers.’
    • ‘Would using a power washer do damage to my stones or grout?’
    • ‘Besides his own ingenuity, he used a tile setter's simple tools and a window washer's belt and buckle.’
    • ‘The station, planned to replace an existing one in Fulford Road, would see jet washers in use round the clock.’
    • ‘I think it would be worth the life-threatening beating to see the look on the car washers' faces.’
    • ‘The rusted remnants of a low-water spray washer hulked to the left.’
    • ‘Mark looked up from loading the glass washer to see a new face at the bar.’
    • ‘It would have included a wide range of facilities, including round-the-clock jet washers, a car wash and garage shop.’
    • ‘Motorists will also be able to have their bodywork brought up to scratch by a team of car washers, in return for a donation.’
    • ‘I will buy the robot floor washer when it comes out, and the automatic lawnmower as soon as I can afford one.’
    • ‘A short, stout man by the name of Lars Benny was the general owner, barkeep and bottle washer of the joint.’
    • ‘The second cleaning method is to use a pressure washer.’
    • ‘The utility has monitored some of the car washers who took part in that Big Wash and found many of them put into practice what they had learned.’
    • ‘You could be a window washer on a skyscraper, and the anchor on your scaffold could break, just as the winds just gusting up to 30 miles an hour.’
    1. 1.1 A washing machine.
      ‘colour TV, automatic washer, fitted kitchen’
      • ‘Fully automatic washers did not become widely available until after World War II.’
      • ‘In the case of a $5 item, I'd be tempted to just throw the thing in the washer with cold water, and then hang it or lay it flat on towels to dry.’
      • ‘I placed them carefully on top of the dryer and put the pillowcase into the washer with a load of whites.’
      • ‘While I emptied the mop bucket in the flowerbed M.J. put the sopping towels in the washer, we dried the remaining wet spots on the floor, and set about the business of serving dinner.’
      • ‘Transfer laundry from washer to dryer, start another load.’
      • ‘I used to spend $50 every few weeks on laundry bills, because I had no washer or dryer.’
      • ‘Also, appliances - such as domestic hot water heaters, washers, dryers, and freezers - that supply heat as a byproduct are often located in the basement.’
      • ‘At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise of washer, dryer, dishwasher or vacuum.’
      • ‘Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible and use the washer only with a full load.’
      • ‘The dogs took it all in their stride, but I am damp and cross with myself, since if I'd kept in the habit of turning off the washing machine taps after each load, then the washer might not have worn out.’
      • ‘Now I will move stuff from washer to dryer and go to bed.’
      • ‘They make everything from microwaves to cell phones from washers to security systems.’
      • ‘The washer breaking down was the most annoying thing, happening just when the baby was sick and there was five times as much laundry to do.’
      • ‘Water heaters, washers, and dryers tend to crack over time, allowing water to trickle.’
      • ‘I generally strip the bed and toss the sheets in the washer.’
      • ‘She had just thrown a load of whites in the washer when the doorbell rang.’
      • ‘Sarah and I are doing the motherload of all loads of laundry, there's 7 of those side load washers here and we filled all of them up.’
      • ‘I have the sheets in the washer and the duvet in the dryer.’
      • ‘Tossing the bed sheets into the washer, I turned on the water and poured in a bit of soap, closing the lid after and letting it work itself.’
      • ‘And he walked out of the apartment, heading down the hall to the community washer and dryer on this floor.’
  • 2A small flat metal, rubber, or plastic ring fixed between two joining surfaces or between a nut and a bolt to spread the pressure or act as a spacer or seal.

    • ‘Does that new faucet have rubber washers or plastic valves?’
    • ‘Secure each terminal end with the provided washers and lock nuts.’
    • ‘You have to be careful not to drop the rings and washers in the grass.’
    • ‘These make great places to store nails, screws, nut, bolts, washers, tacks, and staples.’
    • ‘Anyway, in brief, you use a screw and plastic washer on the back of the motherboard to hold a metal rod and plastic washer in place on the front side - one through each mounting hole.’
    • ‘Stainless steel bolts attach each panel to the wall; washers on the back create a 1/4-inch air space between the glass and the wall.’
    • ‘Some kits come with lots of spacers and washers, others don't.’
    • ‘Install the lower washers, secure the assembly with a new nut, and reinstall the water line.’
    • ‘Bolts, nuts and washers are available at any hardware store.’
    • ‘A rubber gasket and galvanized washer and nut hold the pipe in place and seal the hole.’
    • ‘Now you need four sets of four standard round washers (metal or plastic, about 1 inch in diameter or a little less), purchased at any hardware store.’
    • ‘A good toolbox has lots of trays designed to hold all those odd bits of hardware, such as screws and bolts, washers, nuts, and nails.’
    • ‘Replace worn tap washers for a quick and cheap way of saving water.’
    • ‘Countersink the bolt holes to accommodate washers and nuts.’
    • ‘He quietly gathered a few bolts and washers from the floor and threw them to the other end of a row of crates, causing a loud sound to come from that direction.’
    • ‘Then tighten the nuts and washers onto the bolts by hand.’
    • ‘The boards may be held in place by stainless steel screws with large plastic washers.’
    • ‘The cost of faucet washers, either in a kit or singly, is minimal.’
    • ‘Fasten the bottom of each brace with a 6-inch machine bolt and countersink the washer and nut.’
    • ‘Deck hardware is soundly attached with stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers and either aluminum or fiberglass backing plates for distributing loads.’
  • 3Australian A facecloth.

    ‘I'll get you a cold washer’
    • ‘Gently wipe away all traces of the cleanser with a face washer wrung out in tepid water, rinsing at least twice more in warm water.’
    • ‘She uses the damp washer to wipe her face and head to cool her down.’
    • ‘She added a scoop of Radox, picked up a washer from the end of the bath.’
    facecloth, cloth
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