Definition of washed out in English:

washed out


  • 1Faded by or as if by sunlight or repeated washing.

    ‘washed-out jeans’
    • ‘You'll find colors washed out, muted, pale, and mostly inaccurate - with a skew toward blues.’
    • ‘There are more troubles with outdoor, brightly sunlit scenes, where colors tend to look a bit washed-out and faded.’
    • ‘The sleeves of his black shirt were rolled to his elbows and his washed out black jeans added charm to his looks.’
    • ‘Colors are generally faded and washed out, giving much of the movie a sort of beige sameness.’
    • ‘Yet again Shirley Henderson shines in a supporting role, her amazing use of a washed-out pale blue hoodie managing to convey her rage and pain after a humiliating break-up of her own.’
    • ‘A cool day and the distant ridge of the Ngong hills is pale against the washed-out sky, with a thin layer of cloud flat and hard over the city.’
    • ‘The color palette is a bit washed out, faded, but I think this is the print itself, and not a fault of the transfer process.’
    • ‘In the hospital, washed-out blue is the new black.’
    • ‘Warm reds, oranges and yellows fade to washed-out blues and muted greens, as the situations change and soulful jazz underscores moments of levity and pain.’
    • ‘The spew in my hair, my top missing, this alien bathroom with its funny shower tiles, a kind of washed out blue with sea plants and animals inserted what seemed like randomly in between.’
    • ‘When it comes to jeans, vintage, washed-out denim is this season's trend.’
    • ‘The cinematography matches well with the tone of the film - indoor shots are muted with washed-out grays and blues, soft but rich colors.’
    • ‘Both movies share a bewitching visual style - lots of washed-out blues and greys, and the inscrutable narrative stylings of the best European art house fare.’
    • ‘If possible, he looked even more attractive in pyjama bottoms and that white, washed-out shirt.’
    • ‘She wore dark, washed-out jeans that complemented her curves.’
    • ‘She was dressed in washed-out blue jeans that seemed to hug all the right places.’
    • ‘This autumn's colours are vile though, browns or an insipid pink and washed-out pale blue.’
    • ‘My sister and I stood in the funeral home's back room, painted a washed-out green like an old cafeteria's kitchen.’
    • ‘Colors never looked washed out or faded, and blacks were solid with no signs of gray.’
    • ‘The disc replicates that look accurately, leaving skin tones extremely pale and colors totally washed out.’
    faded, blanched, bleached, lightened, decolorized
    pale, light, flat, drab, grey, muted, lacklustre, lustreless, watery
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    1. 1.1 (of a person) pale and tired.
      ‘he had pale grey eyes that made him appear tired and washed-out’
      ‘a middle-aged woman with a worn, washed-out face’
      • ‘Her husband did however have a tired, washed out look about him.’
      • ‘Her father was his normal, sedated self, perhaps mildly drunk, looking around the room as if he were in a dream, his pale, washed-out features expressionless.’
      • ‘He looked awful; his skin was pale and his washed-out eyes had disturbingly-dark circles under them.’
      • ‘Sitting next to Nancy was a paler, washed-out version of Taylor.’
      • ‘I am tired - feeling a bit dulled and washed out at the edges.’
      • ‘In close-ups it often shines too brightly on the singers, especially as the camera pans in, making them appear pale and washed out at times.’
      • ‘Oh, I acquitted myself well enough and no-one got bruised, but I ended the working day feeling washed out, tired and a little downcast.’
      • ‘The sick days have me looking washed out, pale and super-ugly, so I think a trip to the gym, the tanning bed and the hair salon are reasonable treats to make me feel better tomorrow morning!’
      • ‘Inside there was a solider, he looked tired and washed out.’
      • ‘I'm feeling a bit perkier this morning, but still really tired and washed out.’
      • ‘The girl staring back at me looked washed out and tired.’
      • ‘His eyes were a pale, washed-out blue, and there were dark circles under his eyes.’
      wan, pallid, pale, white, grey, pasty, pasty-faced, anaemic, colourless, bloodless, drawn, haggard, blanched, drained, pinched, peaky, peakish, ashen, ashen-faced, chalky, chalk-white, waxy, waxen, sickly, sallow, whey-faced, ghostly, deathlike, deathly pale, as white as a sheet, looking as if one has seen a ghost
      exhausted, tired, tired out, worn out, weary, fatigued, spent, drained, enfeebled, enervated, run down
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washed out

/ˌwɒʃt ˈaʊt/