Definition of washbowl in English:



  • A washbasin.

    • ‘Then I made the room into a bunker, concreting the door into place and putting in a toilet, washbowl, bed, cooker and fridge.’
    • ‘The a colleague of mine, rinsed her hands in bowl, and then I realized that I was staring at a wash bowl.’
    • ‘To the left were a chest, chair, and the washbowl.’
    • ‘Each barrack had its own toilet facilities and large communal wash bowls like the two shown above.’
    • ‘He placed the washed bowls on the floor.’
    • ‘Cari-anne got up and washed her face off in the wash bowl by the window and looked out.’
    • ‘I also saw a museum there with heaps the royal families jewels, gold wash bowls and spitoons.’
    • ‘Two communal wash bowls are in the barracks.’
    • ‘A plastic mug stands by the washbowl when I brush my teeth.’
    • ‘Mini-kitchens don't need big sinks, but it's a good idea to equip the sink with a tall faucet so you can easily fill pitchers and wash bowls.’
    • ‘The other furniture was a washbowl and washstand.’
    • ‘They get a phone call, and 24 hours later, they have packed up their spare sari and their washbowl, and they're gone.’