Definition of washbasin in English:



  • A basin, typically fixed to a wall or on a pedestal, used for washing one's hands and face.

    • ‘Holly sat on the edge of the bath, at the tap end, the end furthest from the door and next to the bath was a washbasin.’
    • ‘There was a table with a washbasin and a pitcher.’
    • ‘Inside I found another sink complete with washbasins, and a cooker with utensils mounted on the wall.’
    • ‘Discontent with a home having only a pallet on the floor, a washbasin, and a wood-burning stove, she dreamed of a better life in the city.’
    • ‘One platoon took the initiative and built a burn toilet, shower, and washbasins out of pre-existing materials.’
    • ‘The family bathroom has a tiled floor and part tiled walls while its suite comprises a pedestal washbasin, toilet, and bath with electric shower.’
    • ‘Decked out in stylish floor-to-ceiling wooden panels, the Zen-inspired bathroom has flat square washbasins with ultra-trendy taps that I for one couldn't fathom.’
    • ‘Hardly heard of previously, there have been more than 10 accidents involving shattered bathroom washbasins reported this year.’
    • ‘There are ample, clean washbasins, equipped with hot and cold running water and hygienic electric and actually functioning hand dryers.’
    • ‘Washing hands is an important technique in controlling the spread of germs but we have very limited washbasins in our ward.’
    • ‘The bathroom is equipped with a washbasin that dispenses warm water, a soap dispenser, a mirror, and a reading light.’
    • ‘The bathroom contained a washbasin, bathtub, and toilet, some of the only items in Jacob's possession that he readily cleaned.’
    • ‘It had a desk, an old cabinet, a partition behind which the GP examined the patients, a washbasin, and some chairs and benches for patients to sit on.’
    • ‘There is bright lighting, colour all around, taps and washbasins are fixed low on the wall, at a height that makes it easy for the children to use them.’
    • ‘A metal table is used as a bed, for meal preparation, as a door, as a washbasin and as a foundation for the woman to stand on possessively.’
    • ‘The council agreed to obtain plumbers' quotes to install a washbasin.’
    • ‘When we reached the top of the tower, I entered the room and found a mostly bare room that contained only one small bed and a washbasin.’
    • ‘Publicans are being urged to spray the lubricant on surfaces around toilets and washbasins in a bid to reverse escalating usage of the drug.’
    • ‘He said asbestos exposure may have happened at different times up until the mid-1970s, while he was carrying out work such as the removal of old cabling and washbasins with pipes lagged with asbestos.’
    • ‘One of Ziggy's finds was in the prison's large kitchen, when he found a piece of cannabis only about a quarter the size of a matchstick concealed under a washbasin.’
    basin, handbasin, wash-hand basin
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