Definition of washbag in English:



  • A toilet bag.

    • ‘A compact washbag, it's slim enough to suit most glove boxes or cubby holes and contains everything you need for emergencies: shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste.’
    • ‘I began fiddling with the disposable razor from my washbag.’
    • ‘Among the things he had left her, she found his washbag.’
    • ‘Whether it takes the form of a preference for diamond-shaped midfield formations, jewel-encrusted earrings or Louis Vuitton washbags, fashions within the world of football are notoriously fickle.’
    • ‘He was discovered trying to board his Ryanair flight to London and Birmingham with a gun in his washbag.’
    • ‘I inadvertently managed to carry a small pair of scissors through the X-Ray machine at San Francisco airport in a washbag as hand luggage.’
    • ‘The washbag should only contain absolute musts and with the current climate no scissors, razor blades, penknives, etc unless you want them confiscated.’
    • ‘Dad rushed to the relatives' room to grab his washbag, had a quick shave, and put on aftershave.’
    • ‘For among the clothes, the washbag and the ephemera of the seasoned traveller is an ice cream container.’