Definition of wash up in English:

wash up

phrasal verb

  • 1British Clean crockery and cutlery after use.

    ‘I cook for him, but he must wash up’
    ‘wash up the teacups’
    • ‘I put my dish in the sink and started to wash the plates up.’
    • ‘I can't think of a better way to end a moving day - food and booze, and not having to wash up afterwards.’
    • ‘But instead of washing it up right away and taking it to the kitchen, I'd shove it into the lunch container and get back to work, vowing to wash it at home tonight and bring it back tomorrow.’
    • ‘With the majority of the dishes dry and the pots suitably soaked, wash them up, dry them and you're done, except for emptying the sink and wiping down the counters and sink.’
    • ‘It will take them two days, using machines, to wash up the china and cutlery.’
    • ‘He finished crunching up his toast and absent-mindedly washed the plate up, putting it back in the cupboard with the others.’
    • ‘Forget about buying the food, cooking the dinner, washing up or organising the New Year party - just relax and concentrate on spending time with your loved ones.’
    • ‘Sometimes my housemates use my stuff and don't wash it up.’
    • ‘I help her with cleaning, vacuuming, washing up, chopping vegetables, and a bit of cooking.’
    • ‘When I get home from work I have to cook, do a bit of washing up, eat, clean a bit - there's always something that needs my attention.’
    clean, rinse, do, scrub, scour
    wash the dishes, wash the crockery, do the dishes, do the washing-up
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  • 2North American Clean one's hands and face.

    ‘supper's about done—go wash up’
    • ‘As we walked into the place, I told him we were going to head into the bathroom to go potty and wash up before eating.’
    • ‘At the camp, dozens of men jockey for bathroom and kitchen space, getting dressed, washing up, making lunch.’
    • ‘This could come in use when you are in a big hurry but still need to wash up.’
    • ‘The men cleaned their boots off, washed up, and everyone sat down to supper.’
    • ‘On the table are some clean clothes for you to wear after you wash up.’
    • ‘After washing up and changing I crawled under the covers and fell asleep almost immediately.’
    • ‘While he cleans up in my parents bathroom, I wash up in mine.’
    • ‘Safety experts urge patients to ask their doctors if they've washed up.’
    • ‘Okay, let me wash up and change into a clean shirt and we'll take off.’
    • ‘I think I will go wash up, but I have clean clothes, soap, and a towel.’
    clean oneself, have a wash, wash oneself
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