Definition of wash-and-wear in English:



  • (of a garment or fabric) easily washed, drying quickly, and not needing to be ironed.

    • ‘As my wife pointed out, it's one thing to wash a shirt - most of mine are wash-and-wear - it's another thing to get a tie cleaned.’
    • ‘This detangler also doubles as a defining lotion, so it's perfect for wash-and-wear.’
    • ‘Fashion in clothing is a kind of living archeology, a wash-and-wear history.’
    • ‘My own mother has lived her full career as grandmother in wash-and-wear gear, also alien to me, although she has mustered fashionable dress on state occasions.’
    • ‘Avoid wrinkles by choosing lightweight knits and woven polyesters such as georgette or similarly textured fabrics that have wash-and-wear, wrinkle-free qualities.’
    • ‘In 1958, wash-and-wear cotton clothes hit the consumer market.’