Definition of warty newt in English:

warty newt


  • another term for crested newt
    • ‘The skin is granular giving the species its alternative common name of warty newt.’
    • ‘Southeast Asia and Japan have four species that are most encountered as pets: the fire belly newts, the paddle tail newts, the crocodile newts and the warty newts.’
    • ‘All amphibians are given some protection, but the natterjack toad and great crested or warty newt have been given special protection.’
    • ‘True to its name, the warty newt has skin that is covered in small bumps.’
    • ‘In some species, such as Hong Kong warty newts, it is almost impossible to distinguish the sexes except during the breeding season.’
    • ‘The great crested newt is the largest British newt, about 16 cm and is also known as the warty newt.’
    • ‘The typical amphibia of the ‘Valley of Narcissi’ are: edible frog, common toad, smooth and warty newts.’
    • ‘I have investigated whether warty newts will preferentially prey on hyperactive, DDT-treated tadpoles of the common frog rather than untreated tadpoles.’