Definition of warty in English:



  • See wart

    • ‘The rough, warty skin conceals a fruit of such exquisite sweetness and sensuality that eating and handling one should be X-rated.’
    • ‘Toads can be distinguished from frogs by their heavier build and brown, warty skin with females being larger than males.’
    • ‘He was referred to our service with warty skin nodules on his left foot and leg for about 18 months now.’
    • ‘On physical examination, the vulvar lesion is usually raised and may be fleshy, ulcerated, leukoplakic, or warty in appearance.’
    • ‘Some of my research on deep water species, this warty squid I mentioned, there was evidence that they'd eaten over 100 fish in a single meal, deep water latern fish, mictophids.’