Definition of warrior in English:



  • 1(especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

    as modifier ‘the warrior heroes of ancient Greece’
    • ‘The only hindrance being the armour and the shields that warriors of the period carried.’
    • ‘Our soldiers must be warriors who understand Army Values and can work as part of a team.’
    • ‘All through the summer the sound of weapon on shield echoed through the vale as warriors honed their fighting skills.’
    • ‘This warrior hero was ideally suited to the cinematic portrayal of the prototype Fuhrer figure.’
    • ‘It is now clear that the best soldiers are the best warriors but not necessarily the best peacekeepers.’
    • ‘The Second Crusade then provides a reference point for the role of clerics and warriors.’
    • ‘You shall find her and let her know it is not acceptable to desert the way of the warriors.’
    • ‘They accept the fact that they signed up to be warriors, and warriors fight, and often die fighting.’
    • ‘She's a fighter, a warrior, as much as any man - and she does have something to fight for.’
    • ‘Welsh legend told of how the souls of brave warriors flew to heaven in the form of eagles.’
    • ‘Bushido, the code of the samurai warrior, was the creed of the Japanese soldiers.’
    • ‘High-status warriors, nobles, and priests ate the flesh of those sacrificed.’
    • ‘The only people who had to abide by any duty of standing with their lord were the warriors as can be seen by the account of the Battle of Maldon.’
    • ‘These boats were protected by two hundred mounted warriors on each side of the river.’
    • ‘The report spoke with great seriousness of the value of women as soldiers, warriors.’
    • ‘Who were these fierce warriors who came from the countries that we call Denmark, Norway and Sweden today?’
    • ‘Pre-Christian warriors hoped to meet a quick, short death, hopefully heroically in battle.’
    • ‘Is there some cost to us of turning our warriors and soldiers into peacekeepers?’
    • ‘The kings would go out surrounded by leopards and legions of warriors.’
    • ‘The concept of nobility demanded that a warrior would defend his honour, and that of his family, sword in hand.’
    fighter, soldier, fighting man, serviceman, combatant
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  • 2Any of a number of standing poses in yoga in which the legs are held apart and the arms are stretched outwards.

    ‘I really love the warrior pose—it makes me feel centred and strong’
    • ‘The half moon pose and the warrior and star position also help in shedding the extra pounds.’
    • ‘Doesn't a warrior pose in the park breathing in fresh air sound like a nice change of pace from the hot yoga studio?’
    • ‘Poses like sun salutation and warrior are held for a length of time as each posture works related areas of the body.’
    • ‘Alex tried to slowly rotate her body into a warrior yoga pose, but her legs began to tremble, her arms started flailing and she landed with a splash in the pool.’
    • ‘Power yoga enthusiasts engage the arms, core and legs in a warrior pose, but the foundational elements begin with the feet.’


Middle English: from Old Northern French werreior, variant of Old French guerreior, from guerreier ‘make war’, from guerre ‘war’.