Definition of warrigal greens in English:

warrigal greens

plural noun

  • A leafy plant similar to spinach, cultivated for food and as ground cover throughout Australasia and South America.

    ‘low-fat kangaroo meat is served on a bed of warrigal greens’
    • ‘Warrigal greens have compounds in the leaves - oxalate, nitrate and saponin.’
    • ‘Leave to rest while you prepare the warrigal greens and pancake.’
    • ‘I choose seared kangaroo served on wattle seed bread with a wild tomato chutney and warrigal greens.’
    • ‘Seared scallops come with warrigal greens and local macadamias.’
    • ‘Slice the meat and serve with warrigal greens and tomato relish.’
    • ‘Much easier to call it by its common names Warrigal Greens or New Zealand Spinach, but no less vile to eat under any name.’
    • ‘It is served on a sop pancake and warrigal greens stack.’
    • ‘A delicious summer recipe for silken tofu and warrigal greens made with traditional Japanese and Australian ingredients.’
    • ‘She also buys warrigal greens from the same store.’
    • ‘We've got warrigal greens growing in our backyard at home.’