Definition of warrant card in English:

warrant card


  • A document of authorization and identification carried by a police officer.

    • ‘Officers will be able to ride free on buses on production of their warrant card.’
    • ‘The officer's identity should be given, and, if the officer is not in uniform, the officer's warrant card shown.’
    • ‘Not one of the drivers we saw stopped questioned the procedure, but Vosa officers have been issued with photo warrant cards to prove their identity if they do.’
    • ‘GMP is the first provincial police force to give new recruits these ID cards, rather than the traditional warrant card.’
    • ‘The mother of one of the girls got suspicious when he failed to produce a warrant card and called the real police for help.’
    • ‘Whilst the caller talked about carpet cleaning he showed him his warrant card and asked to come in.’
    • ‘PC Andrews seized the handle on the driver's door and tapped her warrant card on the windscreen.’
    • ‘The men, all wearing jackets similar to a police uniform and using identification, a dark wallet with a silver badge which looks like a police warrant card, called on the pretence of needing to search the premises.’
    • ‘They do not have powers of arrest, but they do have warrant cards and uniforms.’
    • ‘Four of the group began looking at a car and the officer confronted them, saying ‘stop, police,’ and showing his warrant card.’
    • ‘Officers will be expected to show their warrant card when they get on the bus and it is hoped both passengers and the driver will feel safer if they know policemen are keeping on an eye on them.’
    • ‘The man held up his warrant card, even though the laser reflections from shiny clear plastic made it quite unreadable.’
    • ‘Officers - on or off duty - will get free bus travel on production of their warrant cards.’
    • ‘The man-dressed in plain clothes-flashed a phoney warrant card with the words ‘police’ on it at the pensioner's home in Wheathouse Close, Putnoe, this Monday.’
    • ‘Instead of a warrant card, he produced a postcard-size, black and white photograph from an inside pocket.’
    • ‘Swindon police are appealing for witnesses and have advised the public that when they are approached by officers they are entitled to ask for a warrant card.’
    • ‘Mark Godsland, crime reduction officer for the Cotswolds, said officers would always produce a warrant card to identify themselves to the public.’
    • ‘The men, who all wore jackets similar to a police uniform and flashed a dark wallet with a silver badge which looked like a police warrant card, pretended they needed to search the premises.’
    • ‘He was jailed in 1994 after he used a fake police warrant card to obtain a high-powered transceiver to tune into wavelengths used by police, the MoD, the US Air Force and the security services.’
    • ‘According to a Public Security Bureau officer, Liu presented his warrant card and asked to be released.’