Definition of warpath in English:



in phrase on the warpath
  • Angry and ready or eager for confrontation:

    ‘her outraged husband was on the warpath’
    • ‘She told me that my stepfather has been on the warpath since I left.’
    • ‘Fed-up residents in Rochdale Road are on the warpath over the state of their pavements.’
    • ‘While this might sound eminently sensible compared with the mudbath, it has put Westminster council and the Hyde Park Estate Association on the warpath.’
    • ‘This is a good political answer to an often awkward question, and the Labour MP for Glasgow Kelvin is a time-served politician once again on the warpath.’
    • ‘But the opposition forces were on the warpath even before it was issued.’
    • ‘Nat arrived in time for pizza, which we ate in my room because Ewan was still on the warpath.’
    • ‘Environmentalists had been on the warpath demanding concrete measures for protecting the river.’
    • ‘A Congress stalwart like Jinabai Darji is on the warpath and the Seva Dal chief has resigned.’
    • ‘While the European Commission is being cautious, the European Parliament is already on the warpath.’
    • ‘The injured Una is on the warpath and the lads charm tactics can't defuse her fury.’
    • ‘With no job, no home and very few friends, the ever-resourceful and conniving Mia is secretly on the warpath.’
    • ‘Registered clubs have been on the warpath against NSW Labor since the poker machine tax hikes in 1997, and pubs and Star City Casino were allowed to have poker machines.’
    • ‘With the Kannada film industry on the warpath, exhibitors and other language industries have decided to take an equally firm stand.’
    • ‘Teachers as well as employees are on the warpath demanding pay revision.’
    • ‘He is back on the warpath, freshened up and revitalised by his months away from Downing Street.’
    • ‘What is more important, protecting the safety of children and their carers, or appeasing angry men on the warpath?’
    • ‘Rovers went on the warpath in the first half - streaking to a four-nil lead.’
    • ‘Reluctant to go back to Lesvos, where Kostas's mother was on the warpath, they decided to stay in the capital.’
    • ‘Farmers go on the warpath upset over their lost crops.’
    • ‘Even the most silly distorted fact, tongue-in-cheek headline or top-spinned newspaper tales concerning Hibs put this awkward customer on the warpath.’
    irate, annoyed, cross, vexed, irritated, exasperated, indignant, aggrieved, irked, piqued, displeased, provoked, galled, resentful
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With reference to American Indians heading towards a battle with an enemy.