Definition of warning triangle in English:

warning triangle


  • A triangular red frame, made of reflective material, carried by motorists to be set up on the road as a danger signal in case of a breakdown or other hazard.

    • ‘There is also a special compartment in the tailgate which houses a warning triangle for use if the event of a breakdown, a legal necessity abroad.’
    • ‘The European Travel Kit contains everything you'll need, including a warning triangle, headlamp deflectors, GB sticker, bulbs and first aid essentials.’
    • ‘I had a little trawl of the Microsoft SBS website whereupon my eyes landed on the yellow warning triangle and the words.’
    • ‘Sidelights, warning triangles and first-aid kits are all legal requirements in many European countries.’
    • ‘An ice scraper and de-icer, torch, jump leads and a warm coat all feature highly on the list, alongside a first aid kit and warning triangle which can be carried all through the year.’
    • ‘More space savers include a 60 litre, three-compartment storage box under the load area floor panels and special space for two umbrellas, a warning triangle and first aid kit.’
    • ‘Items which get stolen from council vehicles include jacks, rims, tyres, seats, engine parts, steering wheels, number plates, petrol caps and warning triangles.’
    • ‘In most countries you will need to carry a red warning triangle and in others a first-aid kit is compulsory.’
    • ‘I had warned her that the luxury of a comprehensive selection of underwear would have to be forsaken in favour of our spare petrol, tyre foam, warning triangle, fire extinguisher and tow rope.’
    • ‘It is also wise to carry a warning triangle as its use is compulsory after an accident or breakdown in most countries.’
    • ‘These vary from country to country but generally include headlamp converters, spare bulbs, a nationality sticker (unless the car is fitted with GB Euro number plates) and a warning triangle.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Why didn't they have a warning triangle, a flag or anything to say there was a 40-tonne piece of metal in the road?’’


warning triangle