Definition of warning track in English:

warning track


  • A strip around the outside of the outfield which warns approaching fielders of the proximity of a wall.

    • ‘Mariners general manager Pat Gillick points out that the union raises safety concerns about outfield fences and warning tracks, yet refuses to confront darker questions.’
    • ‘Derek Lee nearly took Pettitte out of the yard on the next at-bat, but Rivera ran down the ball at the warning track to end the inning.’
    • ‘The Warriors were unlucky with the long ball during games, as more than one deep drive by the Warriors was snagged by Brock fielders on the warning track.’
    • ‘Chris instructs us to head down the foul line to the notch where the warning track inside the field of play ends.’
    • ‘Mabry, who plays first base, third base and outfield, first checks out the outfield fences and warning tracks in each stadium, then has a coach hit balls into the corner to see how they carom.’