Definition of warmonger in English:



  • A person who encourages or advocates aggression towards other countries or groups.

    • ‘We must do all we can to stop him and the other warmongers.’
    • ‘The warmongers talk of ‘blowback’, referring to unintended negative results in combat.’
    • ‘But it has only confirmed his role as a ‘yes man’ for the most right-wing government in US history and a warmonger in his own right.’
    • ‘However, in the warmongers ' hands science can be used against us.’
    • ‘When the bombing started they quickly lined up behind the warmongers.’
    • ‘Never has there been a war where so many were so sceptical about the build-up and the reasons for it, and never has there been so many difficulties for the warmongers.’
    • ‘The anti-war movement served notice on the warmongers that they will continue to face deep opposition.’
    • ‘But that didn't stop the warmongers rushing to denounce the dossier as lies before they had set eyes on it.’
    • ‘What should have been a day of joy for freedom lovers, and those who believe in international solidarity, instead became a day of triumph for warmongers.’
    • ‘But whatever means they find to perpetrate this assault they must be opposed for the warmongers they are.’
    • ‘Now there are forged documents designed to discredit the anti-war movement - proof the warmongers have no creditable argument.’
    • ‘To stop the slaughter, a struggle had to be taken up against the warmongers in control, on both sides.’
    • ‘He and fellow warmongers know they are murdering the innocent.’
    • ‘We should follow their lead in taking to the streets, punishing the warmongers at the polls and ending the policies that bring terror.’
    • ‘It was precisely such censorship under the Taliban that liberal warmongers cited as a reason for violent regime change.’
    • ‘Not only can it further raise the pressure on the warmongers, but it can also unite all those who oppose their attacks on pensions, refugees and the environment.’
    militarist, hawk, jingoist, sabre-rattler, aggressor, provoker, belligerent
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