Definition of warmly in English:



  • 1In a way that gives out warmth; with comfortable heat.

    ‘the sun shone warmly’
    • ‘It is a sumptuously executed slice of pop, both cosy-toed and lolloping as it sweetly cascades a deliciously warmly bathed fuzzy-felt homeliness.’
    • ‘You can feel that California sun glowing warmly from the grooves.’
    • ‘It was a comfortable looking edifice in the Palladian style, built of dressed stone that shone warmly in the late afternoon sun.’
    • ‘When the sun takes its turn, it shines warmly and the traveller removes his cloak.’
    • ‘At nightfall you see the tiny miner's houses which line the hills glow warmly.’
    1. 1.1 Using clothes or coverings that help the body to retain heat.
      ‘dress warmly for high altitudes’
      • ‘Summer-style clothes are fine if you are inside, but our advice is to wrap up warmly when you go out.’
      • ‘Much of the advice is practical and often repeated: wash your hands often, drink lots of water, dress warmly, get enough rest.’
      • ‘When you lay a baby on the sheepskin, he or she still feels warmly held, and rests or plays more contentedly.’
      • ‘Dressed up warmly in an Arran cardigan and Wellington boots, the two-year-old appears to be having a genuinely wonderful time playing in the red and gold autumn leaves.’
      • ‘We were warmly dressed in the latest outdoor clothing.’
  • 2In a way that shows friendliness towards a person or enthusiasm for an idea or project.

    ‘they were greeted warmly by the locals’
    ‘I warmly recommend this book’
    • ‘I open my eyes to be greeted by her smiling visage; a grin playing across her muzzle, her green eyes regarding me warmly.’
    • ‘The news has been warmly welcomed by the community in general and especially by the interested groups.’
    • ‘He came up close to me and smiled warmly.’
    • ‘How about a letter warmly attesting to what she's done for you?’
    • ‘Strangers are eyed with suspicion, but are treated warmly once introduced.’
  • 3With colours containing red, yellow, or orange tones.

    ‘warmly coloured, intimate interiors’
    ‘a warmly lit kitchen’
    • ‘Catching sight of herself in the warmly lit mirror, she pulled a face.’
    • ‘It is a beautiful variety about 6m tall, with leaves warmly yellow in the autumn.’
    • ‘Inviting chairs are abundantly spaced and warmly illuminated.’
    • ‘Detail is slightly soft throughout; reds and fuchsias bleed a bit during brightly lighted sequences; and warmly lighted sequences are muddier and grainier than they should be.’
    • ‘It is a very substantial and very irregular tree, rough-barked and warmly red.’