Definition of warmblood in English:



  • A horse of a breed that is a cross between an Arab or similar breed and another breed of the draught or pony type.

    • ‘Shana and I train a variety of breeds - mostly Lipizzaners, Andalusians, and warmbloods.’
    • ‘I'll be riding one of our barely broke, homebred warmbloods in the western gear that I break them in.’
    • ‘Kaden laughed, patting the large dapple-gray warmblood who attempted to do just as Guinivere had suggested, ‘Not old McCartney!’’
    • ‘My half Shire half Quarter Horse warmblood stood with his head over his stall door, looking at me expectantly.’
    • ‘After decades of raising and starting Thoroughbreds and warmbloods, I just assumed that every young horse was gifted with a trot that resembled your average Standardbred, minus the sulky.’
    • ‘I was concerned because Heineken was a big warmblood and Gigi was a petite teenager.’
    • ‘While the warmbloods of France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Hungary and other European countries have produced a number of good individuals, their pedigrees are riddled with recent Thoroughbred, Arabian and other outcrosses.’
    • ‘He is a papered Hanoverian warmblood that has a sprinkling of handpicked Arabian blood.’
    • ‘If you are stabling Shetlands rather than warmbloods you can get by with a smaller stall.’