Definition of wariness in English:



mass noun
  • 1Caution about possible dangers or problems.

    ‘her mother's wariness of computers’
    • ‘Abetted by scare stories on television and the Internet, people make bad judgments about risk that can lead to excessive wariness of new corporate products such as vaccines.’
    • ‘One reason for her wariness is the reaction to her book, which has been ferocious, especially from fellow women journalists.’
    • ‘He has detected wariness among more conservative institutions to finance a venture in fashion.’
    • ‘And yet there has never been more wariness of industrial development and more skepticism about its benefits.’
    • ‘In the future, because of wariness by consumers, farmers may not find a market for their GM crops.’
    • ‘Based on the way I'd seen him handle lighting a barbecue (pour gasoline, strike match, dive for cover) my wariness wasn't unreasonable.’
    • ‘Warren Buffett, the iconic figure of American capitalism, expressed the new wariness in his annual report released Saturday.’
    • ‘The wariness of the staff sent its own message: don't interact, don't look up, try to stay out of trouble.’
    • ‘There appears no appetite for introducing such a law and given this government's general wariness about upsetting businesses that is not surprising.’
    • ‘Despite his initial wariness, he registered with an online dating site in March 2004.’
    • ‘Officials from the Fire Island National Seashore, whose boundaries encompass all Fire Island communities, have expressed wariness of such projects.’
    • ‘To pry away those younger callers, Virgin is playing on their wariness of complicated plans and hidden fees.’
    • ‘Murie silently suspected that the guides ' real concern stemmed from their wariness of proceeding into unfamiliar terrain.’
    • ‘All of my arguments with regard to justified wariness about rubber-stamping nominations to the Supreme Court apply in full to the "inferior courts."’
    • ‘I wonder if Tomlinson's periodic but spectacular disasters are not connected to his wariness about success.’
    • ‘He said he was concerned about the understandable wariness of GPs to become involved in child protection work.’
    • ‘The pupils all highlighted their wariness of the debt involved in participation in higher education, with little being known of funding arrangements.’
    • ‘This caution, a kind of wariness, seemed to be the price of his fame.’
    • ‘Her wariness about talking about her children is a reminder of the dangers of her job.’
    caution, carefulness, care, circumspection, prudence, guardedness, alertness, attention, heed, heedfulness, watchfulness, vigilance, observance, awareness, mindfulness, canniness
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    1. 1.1 Lack of trust; suspicion.
      ‘they had all regarded her with wariness’
      • ‘Such tension is palpable across villages, as distrust and wariness between communities mount.’
      • ‘This warmth is balanced by his wariness of the political class, many of whom he considers unduly supportive of his former deputy.’
      • ‘Just as the infant will show delight at being approached by its mother, so it will also show signs of wariness and withdrawal when approached by a stranger.’
      • ‘Groping for words, I tell her of my ongoing affection and respect, which has outlasted a cycle of hurts and mutual wariness.’
      • ‘Try to instill a healthy sense of wariness in your students.’
      • ‘In some parts of the world there is wariness toward democracy, often based on misunderstanding.’
      • ‘Now, both professions are probably regarded with equal amounts of cynicism and wariness.’
      • ‘There's something like wariness in her enormous eyes.’
      • ‘This was his wife's idea, he says, a means of combating his wariness of the press.’
      • ‘He seems most at home when talking about business and loses his initial wariness.’
      • ‘Despite his remaining wariness of her, he moved to stand near her, leading the dog beside him.’
      • ‘Forgive me for my wariness of words and theories that explain the healer's art.’
      • ‘Far from responding like innocent dupes, we armed ourselves with wariness.’
      • ‘Nelson grins, radiating laid-back cheer, in contrast to Bennington's barely disguised wariness.’
      • ‘Most of my interaction with the islanders was made treacherous by currents of wariness.’
      • ‘Only three per cent of people in Yorkshire said wariness of the police would put them off giving information.’
      • ‘Quigley depicts the changing relationship between the two women superbly, their initial wariness ringing with psychological acuity.’
      • ‘In the modern state of heightened wariness, staring like a dullard sounds no more demeaning than walking in your socks through airport security.’
      • ‘Inevitably, they saw less of each other, but that did not lessen his family's wariness.’
      • ‘He conquered his wariness of the press and now thrives in the media spotlight which came to be turned on him so frequently.’
      • ‘But the sheer scale of the failings that have come to light recently mean that suspicion and wariness will not vanish so easily this time around.’
      • ‘But he now also faces the task of rallying support from his own party, which is divided over the rescue and has long viewed him with a degree of wariness.’
      suspicion, distrust, mistrust, caution, unease, scepticism, doubt, chariness
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