Definition of wargaming in English:


(also war gaming)


  • 1The action of playing a war game as a leisure activity or exercise in personal development.

    • ‘Unfortunately, the use of wargaming in the American military is not universal.’
    • ‘We believe those experts can be developed and nurtured through the time-tested practice of wargaming - particularly if they learn, along the way, that you can't win 'em all.’
    1. 1.1 The action of engaging in a campaign or course of action using the strategies of a military exercise.
      • ‘Germany was a centre of wargaming in its nascent stages with Prussian reliance on wargames in planning attacks right up until the Great War.’
      • ‘This article promotes wargaming as an innovative tool for achieving successful war-fighting strategies.’
      • ‘Time permitting, the aviation battalion commander provided guidance before going into the course of action development and wargaming.’
      • ‘Soviet wargaming could not adjudicate the strategic impacts of air power.’
      • ‘Yet, the scope of naval wargaming always seemed beyond its latest system.’
      • ‘The interesting mix of military history and wargaming is important to the profession of arms.’
      • ‘Then some years later wargaming would be formally adopted by that country's military.’
      • ‘The strength of wargaming lies in exploring alternatives and enhancing insights into likely courses of action, not in providing quantitative results.’
      • ‘This concept has been used by the military for decades primarily in wargaming.’
      • ‘Like in earlier wargames, the rigors of wargaming changed expectations of a war with the Soviets.’
      • ‘From this brief survey of wargaming, we can see wargaming has affected history and military operations.’