Definition of warehouseman in English:



  • A person who is employed in, manages, or owns a warehouse.

    • ‘It was when warehouseman Mr North opened the front door to their terraced three-bedroom home on their return that they realised what had happened.’
    • ‘For all his working life Sam was employed at Passmonds Mill as a weft warehouseman.’
    • ‘His rescuer was warehouseman Jason Weardon, 32, who tore off Robert's blazing clothes and wrapped him in clingfilm to protect his wounds from infection.’
    • ‘Porter was born in Wigan and moved to Bolton - where he worked for various local firms - as a warehouseman.’
    • ‘Born Ernest Brammah Smith, in Hulme, Manchester, in 1868, he was the son of a warehouseman.’
    • ‘Owner Tim Price, 45, a warehouseman from Rodbourne, is proud of the pup he and daughter Leanne have helped bring up since he was just eight weeks old.’
    • ‘He had been sacked from his job as a warehouseman, losing £200 when he was ripped off by another prostitute and thrown out of his flat after a prostitute was found there.’
    • ‘Usually the warehouseman opens up a couple of bundles of papers and lets them help themselves.’
    • ‘The sale had not gone through because Anil wanted to stay on as a warehouseman.’
    • ‘But when the warehouseman arrived at Lilly's house, instead of delivering the goods he told the astrologer that the warehouse had been broken into and the fish stolen.’
    • ‘The warehousemen are responsible for distributing food supplies to the program's school cafeterias in the north of Haiti.’
    • ‘It has meant employing two more drivers, an extra warehouseman and four more office workers, bringing its total workforce to 40.’
    • ‘The former warehouseman had a £10 note in his pocket when he went to the store, but wanted to use his loose change.’
    • ‘A warehouseman is suspected of burglary and blames Elli.’
    • ‘He left school at 12, and worked as a draper's assistant and warehouseman before his first play was produced in 1878.’
    • ‘You must obtain and retain a current Certificate of Insurance from the ‘carrier’, freight forwarder, warehouseman or any other third party evidencing coverage of their legal liability.’
    • ‘Wilson's players are warehousemen, salesmen, delivery drivers, surveyors and oil workers - all busy and hard-working - most used to viewing football merely as their escape from the daily grind.’
    • ‘On arriving in Marseille, in the mid-1960s, Smaïl worked as a warehouseman, often on the night shift.’
    • ‘The claimants were flour merchants, warehousemen and wharfingers, whose warehouse was destroyed by an accidental fire, together with goods in it of which they were bailees.’
    • ‘To pay the rent and support his family, he works as a warehouseman on the night shift.’