Definition of wardrobe in English:



  • 1A large, tall cupboard in which clothes may be hung or stored.

    • ‘The spacious master bedroom includes a bank of built-in wardrobes, overhead cupboards and a vanity unit and also has a fully tiled en suite bathroom.’
    • ‘This is fitted with a hand basin and a double wardrobe with vanity area and overhead presses.’
    • ‘This is a single room with built-in pine units incorporating wardrobes, shelving, cupboards, a desk and dressing table.’
    • ‘All of the bedrooms have fitted wardrobes and wash hand basins while one rear bedroom also has an en suite shower room.’
    • ‘The room has a built-in wardrobe and storage cupboard and ceiling access to an attic storage area.’
    • ‘It has built-in wardrobes, shelving, cupboards and a built-in bed.’
    • ‘Each has a built-in wardrobe with overhead cupboards, and the larger has a floor to ceiling bay window.’
    • ‘Many kids are scared of monsters under the bed, ogres and bogeymen lurking in wardrobes and the cupboard under the stairs.’
    • ‘This also has floor to ceiling wardrobe with overhead cupboards and a vanity area.’
    • ‘James nodded understandingly, and led Leanne up a narrow corridor and into a small bedroom where there was a bed, a wardrobe and a desk.’
    • ‘The other walls were occupied by wardrobes, cupboards and more posters.’
    • ‘All four are equipped with either built-in wardrobes or cupboards.’
    • ‘Corner cupboards and wardrobes are very useful in an awkward space, but check the cupboard forms a true angle, as some were custom built to fit an irregular wall.’
    • ‘In the free-ads in the local paper this week will be one double bed, one wardrobe, one bookcase, 2 sofas and a bedside table.’
    • ‘The other bedroom at this level is a single with fitted bunk beds, a wardrobe, dressing table and sink.’
    • ‘The closet was opposite the bed and there was also a wardrobe near the bookcase.’
    • ‘The one to four room flats had built-in wardrobes and cupboards, electric fires, and a communal central heating and hot water system.’
    • ‘The school also raided wardrobes and cupboards for old clothes to sell to a company that re-use, recycle or burns them to create energy.’
    • ‘There was a single bed, a wardrobe and a desk with a chair.’
    • ‘Be prepared for potential buyers to root around in cupboards and wardrobes, even under the beds, and ensure they are neat as a pin.’
    clothes cupboard, cupboard, cabinet, locker, storage room
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    1. 1.1 A person's entire collection of clothes.
      ‘her wardrobe is extensive’
      • ‘But what I am saying is that I need to replace my entire expensively skinny wardrobe and replace it with clothes that won't choke me.’
      • ‘Now you have an official excuse to pack an entire wardrobe instead…’
      • ‘I have a collection of beanie babies on top of my wardrobe mingling with the collection of bottle trophies from my lush men!’
      • ‘In the entire wardrobe there were two pairs of pants that she would consider alright to wear.’
      • ‘My parents told me over and over that I was only going to be there for a number of days, a few weeks at the most, yet my entire wardrobe had been packed.’
      • ‘Record collections and wardrobes were junked, long hair was out, and lives were changed by what felt at the time like a genuine cultural revolution.’
      • ‘Under life sentence in my wardrobe are a pair of rubbery silver trousers, a black boob tube and a fluffy white jumper which sheds whenever I walk, making me look like a giant dandelion.’
      • ‘It could be someone who has a new job and has to change their entire wardrobe or it could just be someone who is looking for a special outfit.’
      • ‘If you find yourself a partner of a similar height and build to yourself, you are effectively doubling your collective wardrobes.’
      • ‘The entire three-quarters of my wardrobe was black.’
      • ‘Spring Collection is a wardrobe full of dance works by some of the best-known names in dance and choreography.’
      • ‘There were colorful pareos, wrapped for wear in sundry ways by Tahitian women, who can get by with half a dozen as their entire wardrobe.’
      • ‘His entire wardrobe was made up of dark-colored clothing, whereas most of her gowns were light and airy, beautiful to look at.’
      • ‘The star never travels without a huge wardrobe and extensive entourage, she is famed for outrageous riders at her shows.’
      • ‘She changed her name, her wardrobe and her entire outlook on life.’
      • ‘At the weekly outdoor markets, think of your store cupboard instead of your wardrobe.’
      • ‘The collection includes virtually the entire wardrobe from formal to casual and party wear, in both Western and Indian sensibilities.’
      • ‘Beware of toddlers running around in authentic Renaissance outfits that cost more than your entire wardrobe.’
      • ‘That gorgeous suit looked like it cost more than my entire wardrobe combined.’
      • ‘On the back seat is my stereo, my entire wardrobe, CD collection, books, pictures and everything that meant anything to me.’
      collection of clothes
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    2. 1.2 The costume department or costumes of a theatre or film company.
      as modifier ‘a wardrobe assistant’
      • ‘Bectu said last week that performances would be halted if the technicians, electricians, stagehands, costume and wardrobe staff strike.’
      • ‘Creating a wardrobe of period costumes for this crowd of characters is the task of resident designer Deneen McArthur.’
      • ‘Most famous of his costume wardrobe was his Yuletide disguise as a full Christmas tree complete with lights.’
      • ‘The head of the wardrobe department's name is, in fact, Oscar, but he nods anyway.’
      • ‘The show features performances by four young impersonators, backed by a full show band, fabulous sets and a wardrobe of spectacular costumes.’
      • ‘Donal Hennessy is the new musical director while Laura Kilkenny is yet again responsible for costume design and wardrobe.’
      • ‘As fashion designers create the wardrobes for films as well as for domestic consumers and for trade promotions abroad, the lines are getting blurred.’
      • ‘He was now dejected and devoid of his trademark bow tie, which was a clue from the wardrobe department that he was a dastardly dandy.’
      • ‘And it doesn't even matter that he has left his cloak in the wardrobe department or that his teeth are straight as tombstones.’
      • ‘We have a full wardrobe capability for all military, police, workwear, civilian and leisurewear garments.’
      • ‘Right around here is when the wardrobe department really earns its keep.’
      • ‘BBC's wardrobe department celebrated the special occasion by fitting out the duo in matching, commemorative T-shirts.’
      • ‘I've got the best costume designer, lighting, sound designer, choreographer, wardrobe people.’
      • ‘Any washing is taken back to the wardrobe department for sorting, laundering and ironing.’
      • ‘Our vast wardrobe of costumes is available for hire too for parties, plays and events.’
      • ‘Instead, the costumes are available ‘for hire’ from the Theatre Royal's wardrobe department in Walmgate.’
      • ‘Bailey's polished performance was only undermined by the shocking decision of the wardrobe department to put him in a polo shirt.’
      • ‘Hendricks runs around through the movie clad in these throwback sneakers, a totally mystifying move by the wardrobe department.’
      • ‘So, the wardrobe department chopped up two hats and used paint and glue to create the fake.’
      • ‘Boy, what an easy job that wardrobe or costume designer had.’
    3. 1.3 A department of a royal or noble household in charge of clothing.


Middle English (in the sense ‘private chamber’): from Old Northern French warderobe, variant of Old French garderobe (see garderobe).