Definition of ward round in English:

ward round


  • Visits paid by a doctor in a hospital to each of the patients in their care or in a particular ward or wards.

    • ‘During the ward round, I briefly presented Krishna's case, proudly described the technicalities of the surgery, and was unanimously congratulated on the excellent results.’
    • ‘He actually asked me what I thought should be done for almost every patient on the ward round.’
    • ‘Nor even is it quite clear how the ‘productivity’ of, say, a doctor on her ward round should be measured.’
    • ‘Although there was a consultants' dining room in the hospital, he preferred a quick lunch at home, where he could see patients between the morning clinic and the afternoon ward round.’
    • ‘For this reason, while I was a senior house officer in a busy district general hospital my migraines often occurred just before or during the post-take ward round.’
    • ‘The next patient on the post-take ward round was a ‘straightforward’ overdose.’
    • ‘On the post-take ward round his intravenous antibiotics were stopped and his prescription written for discharge.’
    • ‘He acted as anaesthetist for the operation on Mrs A, having responded to an urgent call while he was doing a ward round in the intensive care unit at Homerton.’
    • ‘In principle an evening clinic is no more family unfriendly than an evening ward round or an emergency operating session.’
    • ‘The sixth surgeon conducted the ward round the next morning.’
    • ‘What crime did these children commit to deserve this punishment, asks an Iraqi paediatrician at the end of her heartbreaking ward round.’
    • ‘Even hand washing has been viewed as an act or sign of abandonment; and the traditional ward round, with the professor followed by retinue, may also be perceived as insulting and humiliating.’
    • ‘As a specialist registrar in old age psychiatry, I joined a geriatric medical ward round to pick up patients who would benefit from psychiatric input and to brush up on my geriatric medicine.’
    • ‘At the ward round, we decided that medical treatment had failed and agreed to discuss with Laura as to whether she would like us to stop treatment as she was suffering so much.’
    • ‘All members of the team sat in with me in an outpatient clinic and observed my ward round of inpatients.’
    • ‘This is a fictional account reconstructed from a conversation we held on a ward round with a senior house officer and consultant during my obstetrics and gynaecology clinical rotations.’
    • ‘On the morning ward round the nurses mentioned that she had vomited earlier, and there was evidence of fresh vomit on her sheets.’
    • ‘Rather than showing patients generic images on the postoperative ward round, we show pictures of their own operation.’
    • ‘Assembling on the surgical ward for our first ward round, we were like snowmen on parade, with freshly starched white coats and stethoscopes shyly peeping from pockets.’
    • ‘The next morning the case was presented on the ward round, and the side for surgery was marked.’