Definition of ward of court in English:

ward of court


  • A child or young person for whom a guardian has been appointed by the Court of Chancery or who has become directly subject to the authority of that court.

    • ‘The reason being that she was once a ward of court herself, explains Pauline Collins, who plays her.’
    • ‘Two days later Flintshire County Council lodged an appeal to the Family Division of the High Court, sitting in Birmingham, to make the twins wards of court.’
    • ‘All four children are now wards of court, so information about their whereabouts should be given to the Tipstaff, at the Royal Courts of Justice, in central London.’
    • ‘Made wards of court, their two children remained free.’
    • ‘What was sought to be done was to make them wards of court and then obtain orders in their welfare which would contradict the steps the Minister had taken.’
    • ‘It had been necessary to make his younger children wards of court to prevent publicity.’
    • ‘At one time it was believed that the mere publication of information about a ward of court was contempt of court.’
    • ‘Funds are held in trust by the courts for around 22,000 people, such as minors and wards of court, who have been awarded damages.’
    • ‘The commission recommends making a person ineligible to serve as a trustee if they are under 18, a ward of court, adjudicated bankrupt, restricted from being a director of a company, or convicted of a crime.’
    • ‘The children were made wards of court and their parents were sent to Harmondsworth detention centre, where they pleaded for their lives in Britain.’