Definition of warbird in English:



  • A vintage military aircraft.

    • ‘The DC - 3 was everything from warbird to rescue craft and everything in between.’
    • ‘This year the show is aiming to bring the best vintage jets and warbirds together on display alongside more modern RAF types and the Red Arrows themselves.’
    • ‘He does not use it as a corporate aircraft, but did take up a customer who was considering buying his own warbird.’
    • ‘A potpourri of antique warbirds, aerobatic airplanes, skydivers, the United States Honor Guard and classic amphibs come together along the famous Seven Mile Beach to put on the show.’
    • ‘For some time, all aircrews remained ready and awaiting orders to launch while staying near or sleeping with our warbirds.’
    • ‘This remarkable warbird and its younger sibling, the MC - 130H Combat Talon II (which is only in its second decade of use), continue to prove themselves in combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq.’
    • ‘Four of us pilots ran to our warbirds and four fully-armed F - 106s took off immediately in my flight.’
    • ‘The current generation of ADF aircraft were complemented by a P - 51 Mustang from the RAAF Museum, and other warbirds, including the Wirraway and T28 Trojan.’
    • ‘This will culminate in a choreographed sunset finale featuring a group flyover of Lake Burley Griffin by warbirds and modern aircraft, as well as an F - 111 dump and burn, music and spectacular fireworks.’
    • ‘For relaxation, he racks up flight time in his second restored L - 39 Aero Albatros jet warbird, often with wife Denise in the co-pilot's seat.’
    • ‘The featured warbirds were a P - 40 Kittyhawk, a P - 51 Mustang, a Spitfire, a Hudson, a Tiger Moth, a Catalina and a venerable DC - 3 Dakota, of Bully Beef resupply fame.’
    • ‘AVM Kindler spoke about Australia's contributions to aviation, particularly our valuable warbird heritage.’
    • ‘I hope that all the spectators this weekend feel what I feel when I see the mighty warbirds flying high.’
    • ‘The Kemble Air Day brought the best examples of vintage jets and warbirds together at one airfield along with modern RAF aircraft.’
    • ‘‘We'll have ultralights, light aircraft and general aviation - like Cessnas and a couple of warbirds including a twin pioneer, which people can have joyrides on,’ John said.’
    • ‘Your scribe's eyes were also taken with a beautiful Mosquito and I was forced to reflect how ‘right’ these warbirds look in the sky.’
    • ‘Amberley's Defence Airshow was launched on August 26 with a dump and burn from a No.6 Squadron F - 111 and a highspeed run by a Mustang warbird.’
    • ‘The flying displays began with model aircraft demonstrations followed by gliders and civilian and warbird aircraft, including a Cathay Pacific A330 and Winjeel trainer.’
    • ‘Supermodel and forces sweetheart Nell McAndrew provided a welcome splash of glamour against the drab greys and greens of a collection of classic warbirds yesterday.’
    • ‘Ultra-light, heavy warbird metal, classic class the Spring sun shone on polished aluminium and glossy timber.’