Definition of war service home in English:

war service home


  • A house purchased under a scheme which provided assistance to military personnel recently returned from active service, established after the First World War.

    ‘if he sells an existing war service home, he must repay all of the loan that he owes on that home’
    • ‘Her grandfather had a war service home, which has since been demolished.’
    • ‘Most veterans would cite the attractive interest rate on a war service home loan.’
    • ‘During the whole of his period of office not one war service home was constructed.’
    • ‘The family home, which she describes as an asbestos shed, is actually a war service home.’
    • ‘He grew up in a war service home in the next suburb.’
    • ‘They only decided to get married so they could receive a war service home.’
    • ‘Albert Williams made it safely home, built a war service home, and raised three children.’
    • ‘Her chance of renting a war service home was one-in-a-thousand.’
    • ‘The property, a war service home, had a good view of the bay.’
    • ‘Like the men she had worked alongside in the army, she attempted to obtain a War Service Home Loan.’