Definition of war poet in English:

war poet


  • A poet writing at the time of and on the subject of war, especially one on military service during the First World War.

    • ‘The society says that sort of cover was not asked for when it put up tributes to war poet Wilfred Owen at the Clifton Hotel, or 19th century artist’
    • ‘We'll also follow the stories of two brave Britons of World War I, war poet Siegfried Sassoon and nurse Edith Cavell.’
    • ‘The young war poet Wilfred Owen wrote: ‘The old lie: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori’ (it is sweet and right to die for your country).’
    • ‘So the most important person here is Rivers who actually analysed people like Seigfried Sassoon, the famous war poet, and actually came to the realisation that these nightmares were actually a faithful reproduction of real experiences.’
    • ‘This excellent interactive museum is named in honour of John McCrae, the Canadian army doctor and war poet who wrote In Flanders Fields.’
    • ‘Only by reading the outpourings of war poets were Rupert Brooke, Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sasson et al can the full horror be imagined.’
    • ‘Gurney served as a signaller and - unusually for war poets (Isaac Rosenberg was a rare fellow-exception) as a private at Ypres and the Somme, and was wounded and gassed.’
    • ‘He is to receive the Wilfred Owen award for poetry, named after the man acknowledged as the most influential war poet in English.’
    • ‘Today I started out by thinking of the tragedy of war and so turned to one of the most respected of British war poets.’
    • ‘The name Richard Sassoon, Plath's first love and a distant relative of Siegfried Sassoon, the English war poet, leapt off the page.’
    • ‘The war poet Siegfried Sassoon felt the ‘pile of peace-complacent stone’ set out to make the unacceptable deaths of so many millions acceptable, and even as it was being built, wrote a bitter poem deriding ‘this sepulchre of crime’.’
    • ‘Although claims that he ‘won the war’ were the product of nostalgic minds, it is fair to say his contribution to the documentation of that era was equal to that of the war poets.’
    • ‘Among medal cards on the database are those of the future Duke of Windsor, Winston Churchill, Wilfred Owen, the war poet, and Ralph Vaughan Williams, the composer.’
    • ‘It is the poet's continual attempt to be brave, juxtaposed with graphic images of the sounds and sights of the battlefield itself, that makes Apollinaire a great war poet.’
    • ‘Pupils will learn in history of dates and battles, in geography of borders and land divisions and in literacy of great war poets.’
    • ‘He comments of Rupert Brooke that ‘he is a soldier poet but […] he is not a war poet.’
    • ‘Ledwidge was finally coming to be recognised as a war poet.’
    • ‘Then, warming to his theme, Sheffield takes to task the war poets, especially Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen, for painting a picture of the fighting which would not be recognised by most frontline infantrymen.’
    • ‘The pupils are visiting First World War battlefields of France and Belgium as part of their studies of history and the work of war poet Wilfred Owen.’
    • ‘His reputation slowly grew, greatly assisted by Blunden's edition of his poems, with a memoir, in 1931, and he is now generally regarded as a war poet of the first rank.’