Definition of war of nerves in English:

war of nerves


  • A struggle in which opponents try to wear each other down by psychological means.

    • ‘In most respects it was a war of nerves as well as words.’
    • ‘War in the jungle is very largely a war of nerves.’
    • ‘In the current war of nerves, it is the Korean people who stand to suffer.’
    • ‘The war of nerves testing the three principal candidates for victory in the 2000 Tour De France reaches a climax tomorrow, when the race heads into the Pyrenees.’
    • ‘The terror group also focuses on conducting a war of nerves.’
    • ‘The selling agent, Jordan, expects a war of nerves and resources.’
    • ‘It's a war of nerves for the players and the coaches right now.’
    • ‘Are we to be shown how the war of nerves could have ended?’
    • ‘The clubs have started a mutual war of nerves, accusing each other of fixing matches and corrupting referees.’
    • ‘You've waged a war of nerves, but you can't crush the kingdom’