Definition of war memorial in English:

war memorial


  • A monument commemorating those killed in a war.

    • ‘At Spean Bridge we saw the impressive war memorial to all the commandos who lost their lives in the Second World War.’
    • ‘Major Laurie Sutcliffe, of the Territorial Army, conducted the service at the war memorial in front of hundreds of people.’
    • ‘World War I established the war memorial as a necessary part of almost every Australian community.’
    • ‘The company has also offered to rebuild the crumbling brick wall that separates the garage and the war memorial.’
    • ‘He served in the Army for 23 years and thinks a war memorial in Wootton Bassett, where he lives, is long overdue.’
    • ‘I have seen only one memorial which recognises that the sacrifice of war does not end with the names on a war memorial.’
    • ‘A war memorial was erected in honour of the troops and stands in Sanam Luang Park in Bangkok.’
    • ‘After the service the wreaths were taken to be placed on the war memorial in Grange Park.’
    • ‘The name of my great uncle is engraved on the war memorial in Radcliffe, opposite what was the town hall.’
    • ‘The graves have been replaced by a modernist war memorial with tablets listing the names of the dead.’
    • ‘Carry on past a row of cottages, just before reaching the war memorial before looking for a track on the left.’
    • ‘Louts who dumped rubbish on a war memorial are beneath contempt, says an army veteran.’
    • ‘What the old post office is to the Cathedral, the war memorial is to the statue of Queen Victoria.’
    • ‘At the end of the service, Sapper Collins's father Kevin laid a wreath at the war memorial in Kiverton Park.’
    • ‘Worries that such a new building would be a desecration of a war memorial are nonsense, Mr Roberts insists.’
    • ‘The Auckland War Memorial Museum is what a war memorial should really be.’
    • ‘Among the flowers left on the war memorial were tributes to Black Watch and SAS soldiers.’
    • ‘No advertising should be allowed on the war memorial or its immediate surroundings, members of the town council agreed this week.’
    • ‘In Cardiff, veterans marked the day with a service at a war memorial in Cathays Park in the city's civic centre.’
    • ‘Villagers have launched an appeal to repair a war memorial destroyed by louts on New Year's Eve.’