Definition of war loan in English:

war loan


mass noun
  • Stock issued by the British government to raise funds at a time of war.

    • ‘They also made a financial contribution to the war effort by investing substantially in war loans.’
    • ‘But it was 1944, the American delegation said to the British, You either go it our way or we're going to withhold our war loan.’
    • ‘The war loan was converted from 5 per cent to 3.5 per cent, and bank rate reduced.’
    • ‘By 1786 a foreseeable decline in tax revenues and the scheduled repayment of short-term war loans brought a financial crisis.’
    • ‘The annual deficit in 1786 was projected to be 112 million livres, and the American war loans would begin falling due the next year.’
    • ‘Montgomery's civil defense corps relied on a ‘housewife in each block to organize other homemakers for campaigns such as preparing for a blackout, promoting war loan and scarcity drives’.’
    • ‘Mobile faced massive debt from poor management of public funds in the antebellum era, an end to tax receipts on slaves, and huge unpaid war loans.’
    • ‘The Tsar refused to pay any indemnity and Japan, already finding difficulty paying high rates of interest on her war loans, was persuaded to concede.’