Definition of war drum in English:

war drum


  • A drum beaten as a summons or an accompaniment to battle.

    ‘the Nyoro war drums beat to action’
    figurative ‘cars with 185 hp sound like marketing war drums to us’
    • ‘Such patriotic pundits, banging their war drums, surely will lead America to victory.’
    • ‘They have the media beating the war drum, so anything that they feel they can do to get over on the rest of us, they will get away with for now.’
    • ‘Radicals in Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's Baharatiya Janata Party are beating the war drums.’
    • ‘The war drums in Washington are beating to a frenzied pitch.’
    • ‘The mass media establishment has been a perpetual war drum, mostly ignoring the spreading prairie fire of opposition.’
    • ‘Even as war drums and battle hymns ring out across the globe, the international community must search for a new strategy to deal with a new breed of terrorist.’
    • ‘The only thing I don't like about autumn is the acorns plopping from the tree every few minutes, banging against the house like war drums.’
    • ‘Seldom can a western war drum have sounded more hollow.’
    • ‘Is the Saudi plan more of the same duplicity we have seen throughout the years - of Arab leaders talking peace to the western media, but thumping the war drum in pro-Arab forums?’
    • ‘The President's relentless beat of the war drum has propelled thousands of protesters into the streets.’
    • ‘As the war drum continues to beat, local expats are nervous about the future.’
    • ‘I could hear thunder rolling in the distance, as clear as war drums sounding across a valley.’
    • ‘Is this what you had in mind when you pounded the war drum so we could empower the moderates in the mid-east by setting such a fine example of political freedom and democratic capitalism?’
    • ‘By then the wartime detente with the Soviet Union was a thing of the past, nuclear weapons would soon threaten mass destruction or keep a fragile peace and China was banging the war drums in Korea.’
    • ‘Yet the sound you now hear is so distinct in its intentions that you know it at once: drums, war drums beating out the rhythm of impending attack.’
    • ‘It's as if music has explored all the variables and has gone back to its beginning to the war drums of Africa.’
    • ‘When the media keeps pounding on the war drum it's hard to hear other points of view.’
    • ‘Those who now so eagerly bang the war drums - on both sides of the border - are not patriots; they are either conniving political hustlers, or the obtuse poisoned by nationalistic vanity.’
    • ‘Business has been off since last year when the war drums began tuning up, and his household is in dire straits.’
    • ‘The President is traveling the globe beating the war drums and there's barely a scintilla of skepticism.’