Definition of war dance in English:

war dance


  • A ceremonial dance performed before a battle or to celebrate victory.

    • ‘Thus a Channel 7 advertisement in July 1996 featured images of the second world war, video footage of a New Zealand volcano erupting, and images of a Maori haka or war dance.’
    • ‘Penis gourds, wood carvings of ‘the noble savage’ and postcards of ceremonial war dances bring in tourist dollars, encouraging contemporary Papuans to emphasize their ‘authentic’ adat.’
    • ‘According to Cheyenne tradition, Owl-Man, leader of the fearsome Wolf Soldiers, even received instructions on war dances and strategy from dozens of wolves that rescued him during a snowstorm.’
    • ‘The reader, of in this case spectator, is allowed to see just how the object played a role in elevating the senses and enlivening the spirit of the people, be it in performing a war dance, for hunting, or a celebrating a marriage.’
    • ‘He opined that the Sun Dance reminded the Blackfeet ‘of the darkest days of heathenism and bloodshed, because it is the day on which they parade as real savages in their war paints and war dances.’’
    • ‘Information about merchants in their tribal apparel, North American Indians performing their war dance, or the coming of the railways in India, all could be effortlessly consulted under one roof.’
    • ‘Some of the more entertaining reactions come from the fictional characters, going so far as shadowboxing or performing a Samoan war dance.’
    • ‘While swinging swords or guns, men will dance a war dance.’
    • ‘Fijian dancers wear skirts of shredded leaves and paint their faces for war dances.’
    • ‘Their spear and shield-wielding war dances clearly illustrate the rich heritage that the tribe has strived to maintain over the centuries.’
    • ‘The documentary also captures the archetypal South African war dance, the toyi-toyi.’
    • ‘The war dance thus becomes the ready visual metaphor for Indian barbarity in general and provides audiences with a frame of reference for viewing scenes of native life.’
    • ‘They perform the tribal war dance in tribal costume.’
    • ‘New Zealand centre Ricky Henry said: ‘The haka is performed every time we play a game - it's a war dance and a challenge to our opponents.’’
    • ‘Other popular dances include the kailao, which is a war dance, and the ma'ulu'ulu which is an action dance similar to the lakalaka, but is performed while seated.’
    • ‘As a result, one finds both Okonko and Mmanwu masking societies there, along with the war dance Ekperipe, whose origin is in Ohafia just north of Arochukwu.’
    • ‘He hunted deer in the pelting rain, got tangled up in a cactus, and then shot his buffalo and, in gleeful celebration, performed an Indian war dance over the carcass.’
    • ‘St. Kitts' well-known folk dance troupe, Masquerades, performs traditional dances ranging from the French-derived kwadril to African war dances.’
    • ‘For the last one and a half centuries, warfare is past history, or is transformed into the performance of war dances accompanied by songs in which maleness is expressed in a dramatic way.’
    • ‘At least a dozen music and dance styles, ranging from war dances to wedding music, fall under this spectrum.’


war dance