Definition of war artist in English:

war artist


  • An artist employed to draw or paint events and situations arising during a war.

    • ‘You wouldn't ask a children's illustrator to be a war artist.’
    • ‘This is because the book The Idea of North is inching towards its conclusion via a consideration of Ravilious's wonderful arctic watercolours, painted while he was a war artist in 1940.’
    • ‘It is also the first major exhibition by the artist, who was the official war artist in Bosnia, since he recovered from alcoholism over a year ago.’
    • ‘In 1918 he worked as a war artist and from 1890 until c. 1925 he painted murals for Boston Library and Museum.’
    • ‘In 1993 he went to Bosnia as Britain's official war artist, returning home after two weeks when he collapsed with dysentery.’
    • ‘Munnings' particular talents were put to use during WorldWar I when he was employed as a war artist.’
    • ‘The daughter of Sir Hans Heysen and the first woman to win the Archibald prize, Nora Heysen painted and drew as an appointed official war artist from 1943-1946.’
    • ‘His premature death when working as a war artist in the Second World War has added to his romantic appeal, but you don't need rose-tinted glasses for the bittersweet nature of his work to please.’
    • ‘C.R.W. Nevinson: the modern artist of modern war: during Nevinson's career as a war artist in 1914-18, his paintings changed dramatically in style.’
    • ‘When the internationally recognised Scottish painter Peter Howson returned from Bosnia, where he was the official war artist in 1994, he was so severely traumatised that he suffered a breakdown.’
    • ‘At the outbreak of the Second World War he became the youngest war artist, appointed by Kenneth Clark.’
    • ‘Mary Kessel was also the official war artist at the liberation of Belsen.’
    • ‘Wounded during the 1914-18 war, he was appointed an official war artist and examples of his work from this time, We are Making a New World and The Menin Road, are in the Imperial War Museum.’
    • ‘The collection included works by fellow Scots John Bellany and Ken Currie, second world war artist Christopher Nevinson and illustrator Glen Baxter.’
    • ‘Although he was unfit for military service during the First World War, he was appointed a war artist and went to France.’
    • ‘He became famous for his portraits of Glasgow thugs and the drawings he made as the UK's official war artist in Bosnia.’
    • ‘Lewis served in the 1914-18 war first as a bombardier at Ypres and then as a Canadian war artist.’
    • ‘Known as a painter of society portraits Orpen was also an official war artist for the British government and went to the Western Front in 1916.’
    • ‘Earlier that year he had become an official war artist and had produced a series of extraordinary paintings of the interiors of submarines, conveying the claustrophobic intensity of that perilous environment.’
    • ‘Aged just 16, he moved to London and went on to serve as a war artist during the first and second world wars.’