Definition of war-loving in English:



  • Inclined to initiate conflict or aggression.

    ‘the war-loving military empires of their day’
    • ‘They were a dedicated group of nice, intelligent and gentle people, as opposed to the grizzly war-loving soldiers I expected.’
    • ‘My sister has moved toward the war-loving, meat-eating right, so it's good that one person I know is moving to the left.’
    • ‘You created the story as I watched - the tale of a war-loving boy named Jake who wills himself into the past and finds what war is really like.’
    • ‘War-loving, imperialist Europe was demoralised by its misadventures.’
    • ‘It is so difficult for a pacifist, such as myself, to be here surrounded by so many brainwashed war-loving "patriots."’
    warmongering, warlike, martial, hawkish, pugnacious, combative, aggressive, belligerent, bellicose
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