Definition of want list in English:

want list

(also wants list)


  • A list of things that are wanted or regarded as desirable.

    ‘a blue Eames chair has been on my want list for a long time’
    ‘on your want list is a comfortable retirement’
    • ‘I immediately added Blackburn's book to my want list, but more importantly, I discovered at the end of the article that Wheeler edits a gardening quarterly, Hortus, which he founded in 1987.’
    • ‘Safety and security still reside far higher on consumers' want lists than email and valet services.’
    • ‘Another must have type release for that ever bulging record wants list.’
    • ‘After showing me his want list of old hip hop records and other stuff he was looking for, he asked me why in the four weeks he had been here he hadn't been able to go and see one good show?’
    • ‘Ask your real estate agent whose features are always on buyer's want lists.’