Definition of want ad in English:

want ad


North American
  • A classified advertisement in a newspaper or magazine; a small ad.

    • ‘The next morning, I started sifting through the want ads from the Sunday paper.’
    • ‘My daily newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, publishes homosexual want ads.’
    • ‘While that might sound like no big deal, consider this: placing a want ad for a ‘recent graduate’ is considered an act of age discrimination.’
    • ‘Jacques decides to place a want ad for a housekeeper.’
    • ‘The most traditional source of vacancies, the want ads, has gone high-tech.’
    • ‘By late summer I found that I was reading the want ads when my wife wasn't looking.’
    • ‘Wes leafed through the want ads, looking for some sort of job.’
    • ‘Simply sending your resume to employers who've placed want ads is not enough.’
    • ‘About half of the cost of the magazine is paid for by the advertisers, and folks who send in their want ads.’
    • ‘Magick is both doing the ritual and giving you're friend the want ad.’
    • ‘You'll also find a successful want ad section where many pilots sell and purchase hang gliding gear.’
    • ‘Factory owners desperate for workers have resorted to taking out full-page want ads in the city's Chinese newspapers, but they say they have gotten minimal results.’
    • ‘The noticeboard has a number of want ads for band members.’
    • ‘So I spent the summer locked in my room, working on my chops, scanning the want ads - I came across this cool one and called the number.’
    • ‘The following year he relocated to New York, where, through a want ad, he found a job writing exhibition reviews for Arts Digest.’
    • ‘I'm at the library every morning at opening time to check the want ads, make phone calls and surf the web looking for openings.’
    • ‘The lad starts his job search by scanning the want ads in the city's leading Republican newspaper, the New York Tribune, which seems an unlikely resource for a new arrival from a remote village.’
    • ‘One day, you see a want ad in your local newspaper: ‘Agency seeking young women to work as au pairs.’’
    • ‘Jamie went through the want ads, and underlined several jobs that she wanted to investigate.’
    • ‘The National Organization for Women forms in 1966, petitioning to stop sex segregation of want ads and one year later to request federally funded childcare centers.’